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FAMILY: The Y fam, featuring London

There is nothing quite as nerve-wracking, nor as flattering, in the photography industry as being asked to shoot a fellow photographer. I know right away, I’m dealing with higher expectations, but also individuals who trust me at the same time. It’s sorta empowering, though I do get really nervous.

Cara Bresette-Yates has been my assistant in the past for a wedding (and might be again soon!!!)…and in the small world we all live in, is neighbors out in the country with my dad’s best friend’s family.

She has been so sweet and thoughtful during my pregnancy….I got a random card from her while I was going through a particularly hard part. She understood all too well because she herself was blessed with a cute lil’ stinker last winter. It’s particularly heart-warming to hear from recently new mothers because it underscores what I already know….any pain I go through now will be worth it in the end. And just LOOK at London….that is enough! But to interact just sends the joys of life over the edge…

My husband came along on this shoot and played the fool behind me to get London’s attention. He and I were both giggling the entire time at the faces she makes. Chuck and Cara are definitely lucky parents….and their love for their tongue-sticking-outer is VERY VERY CLEAR. (And I think the holiday card I got from them using some of these pics is definitely an all-time fave…Cara sure knows how to put photos to use. Gotta love fellow photogs!!!)

When Cara booked a mini session with me, she made it clear that she wanted to get some pics of just London and her since, being the photographer of the family, she is rarely in the pics herself. I think I will be feeling that very thing soon…..

Enjoy… 🙂



As your lil’ one turns one… may you find her soon-to-be found mobility exciting…and I hope she continues to fill your days and nights with the inescapable need to smile. xo

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