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6-months marks the spot for this bloggerrific bride!

For starters…HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! I know it’s a silly commercial holiday that tends to only be warmly embraced by those in fresh relationships…but I try to look at it is a day that reminds us to make others feel loved. Especially those who love US!

Neil and I don’t have any crazy plans. I am giving him a chia pet (shhh, he doesn’t know yet…and I’m not worried about him finding out because he rarely reads this blog) and a subscription to ESQUIRE magazine. And I have short ribs in the slow-cooker. But what I’m really looking forward to doing is something that I hope he doesn’t back out of. It came to me last night and made me giggle, so I will do all the sad puppy faces in the world to get him to fulfill his promise. To play HIDE-N-SEEK in the dark.

Yes, I know, it will probably last all of 20 minutes when we realize we’re too big to truly hide (especially with a really keen cat on the loose hunting us down)… but I’m hoping for just awhile, we can feel like kids again.

It’s either that or I’m forcing him to watch THE BACHELOR with me.

Anyway…whatever YOU do today/tonight…have fun making someone else feel loved. 🙂

Now on to exciting business:

For those who are faithful blog readers, you might remember one of my favorite weddings of 2010. And one of my favorite couples–Lindsey & Aaron.

Well, as I mentioned on their wedding post, Lindsey is the Senior Online Lifestyle Editor for GLAMOUR magazine. And the WEDDING branch of said site is under her purview…so how fitting that she brings her own expertise AS A BRIDE to the millions of Glamour.com readers by blogging about her wedding!

Last week, she blogged about the FIRST GLANCE.

And today, on Valentine’s Day… she blogged about her CEREMONY.

How exciting, right? 🙂

And to leave you with one of their wedding pics…

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