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What ails me….

So…I had planned on have two posts up this week as I’m in the heat of wedding season (literally AND figuratively). BUUUUTTTT, as my luck would have it, my computer went kaput on me last Monday. The ironic part? I had SERIOUSLY just declared I was going to buy a Mac Pro. I went to turn on the PC to order said Mac Pro….and… (crickets chirping). No wait, that was me crying.

I was very frustrated, to say the least…as comical as this was. I mean, how much more obvious could my PC be? What a baby!! it was so jealous, to get revenge it attempted suicide. And I assumed it would be something the shop could fix by Wednesday. Boy have I been wrong.

So here it is, late Saturday night… I have three weddings and two portrait sessions in the hopper, and another family session tomorrow. I’ve never ever been this behind. I pride myself on a quick turnaround (even if this means sacrificing my sanity…)

I’m trying to convince myself that this was God’s way of telling me to slow down…and enjoy some of time with my husband. Because when I work 8 to 5 at my marketing job, and then come home and edit from 6 till 11, I don’t make much time for other things..or people whom I love. So I heard you loud and clear, God! Even if your timing stinks.

My Mac is getting here on Monday (I hope)…which is the same day my PC is expected to be fixed. I will have to load all my files and software first before I can get back into the swing of things, but I’m aiming to have Amy & Justin’s wedding fully edited by the end of the week…as well as have a blog post up for Nick & Nikki. And then on to Desola, Sarah & Aaron, Cailin, and Eleanor’s family… 🙂

THANK YOU very much to the wonderful clients who have been so understanding while Darbi G. Photography has technical difficulties.

(I hate posting a blog without a pic, but I mean it…I have NO pics to post available on my laptop. 🙁 )

Take care, happy Sunday…and let’s toast to a better week…for all of us, including Hollywood.

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