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Columbia, MO engagement session: Kelley & Jacob

I showed up to Kelley & Jacob’s engagement session having never met them beforehand. But I knew a lot about them anyway. Kelley is to thank for that. She emailed me their “love story”…. Here are 10 things I knew before ever having laid eyes on them:

1. They met at a gym. In an abs class, to be specific.
2. It was November. 
3. Despite sore muscles, neither of them were scared off and continued to see each other at the gym. 
4. Their first date was with two other friends at FORGE & VINE. (Kelley was excited that Jacob could actually see her in something other than sweaty gym clothes)
5. Just the two of them went on a 2nd date…to watch the MU/KU game. (This is when Jacob’s one flaw surfaced–he was a KU fan.)
6. Since then, they’ve welcomed one another into their world…sharing experiences that are outside of their own likes and dislikes. As Kelley says: “He is a motorcyclist, a guitar player, and a computer programmer. I am a runner, cook, teacher, and I enjoy being crafty with projects.”
7. Now they both run together. And he tests out her cupcakes.  
8. Their song is “Hold You In My Arms” by Ray Lamontagne. Kelley prefers Jacob’s live acoustic version. 
9. Their dates include cooking together, eating at their CoMo faves (such as Sophia’s, Flatbranch and Southside PIzza), going to see movies at Ragtag Theater and seeing concerts. 
10. Their engagement…I will just let Kelley tell you all about it: 

Wednesday, June 30, 2010 was an exciting and surprising evening. Jacob and I came home from the gym, and we cooked dinner together. We made our delicious guacamole that we’ve worked hard to perfect. Later, I found out that as I was cutting the tomatoes, he slipped away to put the ring in his pocket. I had no idea and was just happy to be cooking dinner together. As we finished eating he began to tell me what a wonderful part of his life I am and how I make his life better. He used the words “you inspire me.” The next thing I knew he was down on his knee next to me. Of course, I said “yes,” and he slipped a diamond ring on my finger. It took me a few minutes to stop jumping up and down, and he played some guitar for me before we made phone calls to family and friends announce the news. I was eager to show off my new piece of jewelry, and we wanted to share the news with some friends in town. The next morning, I was able to visit some of my coworkers’ houses before the news went viral through Facebook, emails, and texts. His proposal was perfect-it was just so “us.”

So here is where I’ll stop relaying info to you and for the most part..just show you how darling they are together. How they seem to fit. How they cherish one another. 

Kansas City engagement photographer-K&J-1.jpgKansas City engagement photographer-K&J-2.jpg

Kansas City engagement photographer-K&J-3.jpg

Kansas City engagement photographer-K&J-4.jpg

Kansas City engagement photographer-K&J-5.jpgKansas City engagement photographer-K&J-6.jpg

Kansas City engagement photographer-K&J-7.jpg

Kansas City engagement photographer-K&J-8.jpgKansas City engagement photographer-K&J-9.jpg

Kansas City engagement photographer-K&J-10.jpg

Fave #1
Kansas City engagement photographer-K&J-11.jpg

Kansas City engagement photographer-K&J-12.jpg

Kansas City engagement photographer-K&J-13.jpgKansas City engagement photographer-K&J-14.jpg

Kansas City engagement photographer-K&J-15.jpg

Kansas City engagement photographer-K&J-16.jpg

This ring includes Kelley’s grandfather’s masonic diamond as well as her great-grandmother’s engagement diamond. The ring was designed by a family friend of Jacob’s. Kelley said, “The ring is absolutely amazing and so such a great reminder of the wonderful blessings I have, which are now two great family’s and a wonderful husband-to-be.”

Kansas City engagement photographer-K&J-17.jpg

Fave #2 (on the left)
Kansas City engagement photographer-K&J-18.jpgKansas City engagement photographer-K&J-19.jpg 

Kansas City engagement photographer-K&J-20.jpgKansas City engagement photographer-K&J-21.jpg

Kansas City engagement photographer-K&J-22.jpg

Kelley & Jacob, thank you for bringing me out to Columbia, Mo. I truly enjoyed getting to know you through words, and then through actions. Enjoy the rest of your wedding planning!!!

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