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Love 102

Ok, I finished editing Nealie & Johnathan’s pics. There are quite a few faves…are you suprised?
I found myself smiling while I was going through them because I remembered some of the amusing instances. Johnathan is convinced I have a foot fetish because I begged him to take off his shoes and socks for a few shots. I swear! I don’t like feet in that way!! haha

I am really looking forward to their wedding…fewer than three weeks away!!!


A lesson learned…
0925 0925 N&J-3269-2
They brought their own hats!
0925 0925 N&J-3169-3 c 5x7
0925 0925 N&J-3177-3
They both look so darling here:
0925 0925 N&J-3214-5x7bw vig
0925 0925 N&J-3243-2
0925 0925 N&J-3286-2 8x10 bjpg
0925 0925 N&J-3289-8x10 brn
0925 0925 N&J-3320-2
A quick glimpse
0925 0925 N&J-3364-2
I think this is one of my all-time faves. Maybe it’s the feet. haha
0925 0925 N&J-3399-2
0925 0925 N&J-3421-2 bw
0925 0925 N&J-3537-2 bw
And finally…a tribute to Scooby Doo.
0925 0925 N&J-3603-2

Thanks for being such great sports!!

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