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{To-Be-Hitched} Craig & Lindsay’s spring session in Lenexa

It really doesn’t get any better than this. Lindsay & Craig are every bit as sunshiney to work with as their session was springy. We nearly canceled the session due to the threat of high wind….but Lindsay promised she wasn’t one of those females who cares if her hair is perfectly untouched. So we went for it. AND OHHHHH am I so glad we did. I mean… come on. Flowering trees are ephemeral… and golden rays of sun coming through the branches of those flower trees? To witness it is euphoric!!

Craig & Lindsay met almost 4 years ago on eHarmony–and the start of their friendship consisted of the cyber world of communication. When they both happened to be in Tulsa, OK at the same time, they met up. They said they didn’t know what to expect, but their first meet-up led to their first kiss…..and many speeding tickets because from there, they forged a long-distance relationship that consisted of weekends traveling to see one another.

Lindsay had this to say about knowing Craig was THE one: “There wasn’t a certain time I could remember when I DIDN’T think he was the one. He was always willing to handle my “crazy” when it was showing and bring me back down to earth when I thought everything was going wrong. He was always and still is my rock. He is the first person I want to tell about my day, whether it’s good or bad. I also saw how he was with his niece and nephews. Family is a very big part of his life, as well as mine. Making that the focal point of your life made me realize that one day he will be that way with OUR family. BUT if I have to be specific, it was the day we decided we were going to both move to Kansas City together and see where the relationship took us. It was a huge step for the both of us to move out of our comfort zones, but we knew doing this would bring us closer and ultimately get married, make babies, and grow old together. I’d take a chance on him every day.”

Craig’s take? “I knew she was the one when we chose to move to Kansas City together. It was a big commitment and we didn’t hesitate with the thought. We had been long distant for far too long and I loved spending every single second with her. She was and still is full of laughter and love! It turned out to be the best decision of our life!”

So to seal the deal, Craig planned a New YEar’s Eve trip to Hermann, Mo., last December.  After getting settled in their room where they were staying, they opened up belated Christmas gifts, one of which came in a tiny black box. Lindsay’s hands were shaking as she opened it, and then next thing she knew, she was saying “Oh my god, are you serious? Are you serious?” Craig took the reins…and the ring… got on one knee and with tears in his own eyes, he popped the question. Lindsay didn’t say yes. She said: “OF COURSE!”  Lindsay says, “In that moment you think you’re going to say all of these whimsical lovey-dovey things, but when it comes to matters of the heart all you can do is look at each other.”  From there, they celebrated by sharing the news with their friends and family. And then they closed out 2015 with 3 bottles of wine and a bedtime that begin 2 minutes shy of 2016.

Such a darling story is perfect for this darling couple. I can’t say enough good things about how fun it is to work with clients like Craig & Lindsay. And I can’t say enough good things about how amazing it feels to photograph them against such a naturally gorgeous backdrop. So I’m going to let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

Lindsay Craig 1Lindsay Craig 2Lindsay Craig 3Lindsay Craig 4Lindsay Craig 5Lindsay Craig 6Lindsay Craig 7Lindsay Craig 8Lindsay Craig 9Lindsay Craig 10Lindsay Craig 11Lindsay Craig 12Lindsay Craig 13Lindsay Craig 14Lindsay Craig 15

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