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To-Be-Weds: Heath & Jen {York Harbor, Maine engagement session}

It’s not often that I shoot a family member’s wedding. In fact, I think I’ve only shot three of them…my sister’s in San Diego WAY back before I shot digital…my cousin’s in Aurora, Nebraska….and then my brother’s a year and a half ago in Louisville, KY.

I was THRILLED when my first cousin Heath and his fiance contacted me to shoot THEIR event…ON THE COAST OF MAINE!!! There is nothing like new locations to inspire a photographer. Their wedding post will come next week…but first, is their engagement session that took place two nights before they sealed the deal.

It was an overcast evening, but that works well for lighting so I didn’t mind. And Jen and Heath were giggly and shocked me with how comfortable they were in front of family being all lovey-dovey.

I am so happy that one of my favorite cousins found the love of his life. I remember back in college, Heath and I used to talk on the phone a few times a month. This was back before either of us had found THE ONE. And then I also remember when he started dating Jen…and how happy he was. I never got to meet her until just a year and a half ago because the two of them met in Boston, where they both went to school.

When I did meet her, she proved to be very approachable, friendly and DARN CUTE! Score for Heath!! And heck, any girl who can put up with Heath’s antics is worth high-fiving. 😉

A note about the location. I LOVE the coast of Maine. There is just a wonderfully fresh feeling in the air…and knowing that you can walk into pretty much any of the local restaurants and get a delicious bowl of clam chowder, steamers or lobster is way too exciting to handle for THIS girl. The houses are quaint and actually have character…which is a welcome change for me since I’m so used to seeing suburbia. And not to mention the BEACH… even though it was slightly chilly there, the beauty warmed me. And I loved that my own love of my life was there to experience the state himself. (Special note: Neil had been to 47 states before he met me due to his old days touring in a band; now, after this trip…he has been to 48! NExt up: HAWAII AND ALASKA. Weeee!)

So anyway, enjoy these images of my cousins…!!

yorktown maine engagement session

Check out this UNBROKEN sanddollar! They said in all the years they have been looking, they have never found one in pristine shape. Until their engagement session. I think that is a sign, no?
yorktown maine engagement session

yorktown maine engagement session

xoxo to you both!! Can’t wait to show your wedding. 🙂

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