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To-Be-Weds: Whitney & John { West Bottoms engagement session}

I have always wondered if there are two lawyers in a relationship, if the arguments they have are are always well thought out, eloquent and dramatically worded. Whitney & John would know….they both are attorneys. And their shared career goal can be accredited for them even meeting in the first place. Back in fall of 2005, while several first-year law students were stressing out over their Legal Research and Writing final, a bunch of them decided to meet up to go over strategies. (Whitney admits she was fearful that she wasn’t going to do so hot, so welcomed any sort of help she could get).

And in the law library, John and Whitney laid eyes on each other for the first time.

As much as Whitney tried to stay completely focused on studying, she found herself laughing at John’s jokes. And she was amazed that he was staying so calm, while inside, she was freaking out at the daunting final before them.

Two months went by before they considered themselves to be “officially dating”…
And five years after dating…came their proposal story, which makes me giggle. I hear a lot of tales about how the question was popped… and it seems like a common theme is that even with the most planned proposals, girls somehow end up thwarting their guys’ efforts. Case in point: Whitney always takes the same path whens she goes running. So John set up a picnic along the route, in Forest Park (in St. Louis), and put his nerves to bed as he waited for the love of his life to come running by with her pony-tail bobbing.

He waited.
And waited.
And waited.

She never came. And unlike when he was studying for finals, he wigged out. He called her cell phone several times, he drove up and down the route to see if something had happened to her, and finally, with his tail between his legs and his proposal dreams quashed, he went back to her place to wait some more.

When she came home, he was floored. Turns out, that day of all days, she had decided to take a new route. And she was very aware of him calling her, but she didn’t want to interrupt her good run. So he modified his vision and proposed right there.

Even though it didn’t work out exactly like he wanted, he still ended up with her saying yes, and they will be sealing the deal in August!

So with that, I introduce to you, two of the sexiest, most loving law-practitioners ever! (One of my faves is the left B&W one in the third row down)

West Bottoms engagement session by Darbi G. Photography

Would you ever guess that this session were in mid-May…AND it was sooo cold? It was in the high 40s!!! That is why I hate the Midwest! But these two were troopers and you can’t tell, can you?
West Bottoms engagement session by Darbi G. Photography

Love this first one on the left! The colors were so pretty!
West Bottoms engagement session by Darbi G. Photography

Well you two, you nailed it… and totally appreciate you driving all the way to Kansas City for it!!! Next time I see you, I have a feeling the weather will be quite the opposite. Enjoy your summer!! xo

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