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Extreme Bridal in the Capital City…

But we steered clear from the actual CAPITOL. 🙂 But the area surrounding it was prime material.

We had to squeeze this session in before Paige heads south to start a new life… So here are some quickly processed images…I won’t be getting to the rest until the summer..after my wedding. That was the deal with her. 🙂 She’s a dear friend…so she’s worth it.

This is actually in Columbia, Missouri… we got some honks as cars flew by on Nifong and Rock Quarry.
lr IMG_0717

Just being Paige….
lr IMG_0738

We then headed to Jefferson City to get some photographs around the train station. Check out her most-recent add to her shoe collection. Oww-oww!
lr IMG_0852

After a couple of false alarms, we caught this!
lr IMG_0870

She had beautiful wedding-day flowers…so we went with something different that wouldn’t compete but would look fresh and springy.
lr IMG_0933

So beautiful against the wall between the sidewalk and the property of the governor’s mansion.
lr IMG_1035

I dig this… the kid-like mood…
lr IMG_1076

So the coolest part of the session was that we were walking around and saw a barren courtyard of the Cole County Historical Museum. A woman motioned us over..all excited…and asked if we wanted to take some pics around the museum. The woman happened to be Jackie Rogers…and she was so much fun! She got into the whole deal and with her blessings, we caught some cool shots.

This one is in the courtyard, which will be remodeled this summer and possibly available for small wedding ceremonies, etc… just a thought…all you soon-to-be brides!!
lr IMG_1117

In the parlor… with a rustic texture… it was such a beautiful room with antiques, etc.! I sometimes wish I could live back in the old days. But with air conditioning. 🙂

lr IMG_1302

And using the window light… in a bedroom of the museum… (the only things we were allowed to touch were the window sills…!) we caught this stunning one…
lr IMG_1231

I’ll have more up this summer… so I hope this tides everyone over. 🙂

And Jackie…thanks sooooo much for the tour, the information and the enthusiasm. Just in that short amount of time, we could tell that you a great sense of humor…and a great heart. It was truly a memorable experience for both Paige and me!! 🙂 THANKS!!!!
Here’s the pic we took of you and your tourist!! 🙂

I’m off to bed! Ta Ta!

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