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Baby Plan (Newborn to first year)


The closest you’ll get to freezing time.

You might not know it yet if this is your first child, but soon, the super power you will most want to have will be the ability to freeze time. Life truly does go faster when you’re a parent.

One minute you’re pregant, not quite sure what is in store for you other than sleepness nights and lots of diapers. The next thing you know, you have this tiny human being that needs you for everything, and you (mostly) love it. The monotonous, but refreshingly simple, days might go slowly, but the weeks and months will go so fast. That helpless, precious creature you used to be able to “wear” or hold for hours and hours is now a babbling doll-faced baby who shows so much personality. Then that baby sits up by him or herself, and you can begin to see what he or she might look like as a child. It’s such a sweet spot as you can interact more and more without fearing for their safety if you look away. And then BOOM. Like that, your baby is crawling. You’re excited. But scared! And just when you get used to the speed of a crawler, you have to readapt to a new rate of mobility: WALKING. Or, toddling.

By the time the first birthday comes, you’ve coupled your exhaustion and relief that you’ve made it this far with a true understanding of the meaning of the word BITTERSWEET.

Because the first year comes and goes so quickly, I have created my sMilestone Collection to capture your family — your greatest work, your magnum opus, at various stages of babyhood. Someday, when you put away the last onesies your daughter will ever wear or watch her pigtails bounce as she writes her name for the first time, or when you witness your son hit his first homerun or hear him read his first book aloud, that pang in your heart, the one that makes you tear up and your heart burst with pride…that sense of nostalgia will fill you with the desire to relive the simpler times…the beginning: the year when your whole life changed for the better (the quality of sleep not included), when milestones were closer together and at the time, seemingly more important. And because you’ve trusted Darbi G. Photography to capture those fleeting phases, reliving those moments is easy and almost as fulfilling as the first time around.

My Baby’s First Year Smilestone Collection includes:

NEWBORN SESSION  (within first 24 days of life): 3-hour session, online gallery, thumb drive of image files, custom birth announcement

SIT-UP SESSION (around 7 months): 60-minute session, online gallery, thumb drive of image files, custom birth announcement

ALMOST TODDLING/WALKING SESSION (around 12 months): 60-minute session, online gallery, thumb drive of image files, custom birth announcement

8×8 sMilestone memory book after final session with 50 of your favorite images

…… plus special rates on add-on maternity or three-month session, as well as discounts on a few different products. 

Current rates and more info can be found in my brochure. 

Here is a slideshow of images from a sMilestone package. Push play!!!!

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