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FAMILY: coming together for some pic-chas

This Omaha mini-session is brought to you by faithful clients of mine–one of my sister’s best friends, Brandy, and her husband, Luke. They are no strangers to Darbi G. But this time, they brought with them Luke’s brother, Josh, and his wife, Alison, and their three kiddos, Drew, Emily and Taryn. But they didnt’ stop there….also along for the ride was Luke & Josh’s gorgeous sister, Kelly…and then the three sibling’s parents, the two who started it all… John and Nancy.

I thought working with such a large group with little kids in a short amount of time would be challenging…but honest to goodness, this family is not only good looking, but well-behaved (well, Luke and Josh were naughty on and off, but what can you do?? haha)

At the end, the three kids donned their Halloween costumes… so cute!!

It was wonderful to spend some time with the entire clan…hope you all have a GREAT 2012!!!

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