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If she’s THIS cute NOW….

Then “Lil’ Sis R” is going to be a stunner next June…when she debuts in the wedding world as my flowergirl. She will be pulled in wagon by “Big Bro J.” They are two of my frequent subjects….they are the only children I see on a weekly basis, so they immediately fall victim to my hungry, insatiable lens. Their parents don’t mind though cuz now they can say goodbye to Sears. 🙂

Here are some of my fave snapshots of “Lil’ sis R” from last evening:



I at first thought it was cute that her flailing hands found chunks of grass..but then she poked herself in the eye.

But then Mommy made some silly wanna-be baby noises and she was all smiles:

Sigh. T & M have some darn cute kids. Right?

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