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WEE ONES: S family photos {Kansas City}

I was warned ahead of time by Valerie when she contacted me to shoot her family session that:
1. She is incredibly unphotogenic.
2. Isabelle, who is approaching 3, can be shy around people she doesn’t know; she likes to headbutt her brother and push him down.
3. Her husband will look good even when he’s making a monkey face.

She was wrong on the first two. (I never really got to see Jenya’s monkey face, but judging from the other faces he made while he was the kids’ playtoy, I think I can go ahead and confirm that assertion for Valerie. haha)

Valerie herself is GORgEOUS and one of those women who just can’t be convinced of that fact. Despite having a husband who she admits is a hunk. Despite having two kids whose cuteness is undeniable. Despite making me, the photographer, so ecstatic to work with her when I met her.

And Isabelle was not shy. She was a handful, yes…as that age usually is, but her style made ME jealous, and her smile melted my heart. She never turned violent with her brother, either. 😉 Cameron, the lil’ bro who is about a year and a half, was ever-curious and independent–always roaming off to explore on his own.

And lastly, Jenya… indeed a good-look man. He giggled at his kids and fawned over his wife and did whatever he could to appease me. A keeper!! 🙂 Valerie is from Belarus, former USSR, and Jenya was born in Ukraine. But they both met over in these parts, though they still speak Russian and the kids can, too!

All of this made for a very high-energy shoot with a family that was as fashionable and adorable as it was fun. Enjoy some of my faves from our session!

Kansas City family & Children photographer
Kansas City family & Children photographer

Thanks, Val & Jenya! It was so much fun getting to know you four. And running my pregnant bum around after your kids. 😉

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