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Alone but not lonely

The weather finally refrained from trying to get us soaked with our own sweat 5 minutes from walking out the door. In fact, it was MY kind of sunshine. My kind of fresh air. My kind of Saturday night.
Neil had to work, so after devouring a salad and sandwich, I took Al (my car), Leonard and Cindy (my XTI camera and 17-55mm lens) on the road north toward Moberly. I was in search of old barns or other edifices that were along the highway.
My insecurites surfaced when I did see one. It snuck upon me, and I freaked out a bit. I was going 70, but all the other cars were going 80, so I didn’t know if I could stop in time. Was it worth it? Probably not, but I stopped anyway. I don’t think the barn was abandoned as there was a farmhouse with plenty of current model cars in the driveway several yards to the south. I needed practice though, and since I wasn’t exactly sure I’d find much more, I didn’t want to waste the gas.
This is what I got. Nothing great. 🙂
_MG_0949 30 miles later, I saw one hidden in some trees and brush on an outer road off the Moberly exit.
For this I felt more comfy since there wasn’t car after car whizzing by me. But I couldn’t get really close because the grass was thick..and I’m a girl…who was wearing flip flops and capris… I hadn’t dressed for jungle searches. 🙂
_MG_0959 copy
I headed back, not all that enthusiastic about my finds. But I did see an abandoned house that I couldn’t pass up.

I think the photo op of the night nearly caused me to crash. And I didn’t even end up stopping!
On the opposite side of the road, there was a lush field of green..and in the middle was a family of four deer. Two babies. Wow. I am still kinda irked at myself for not having gotten off at the nearest exit and turned around. But my gas was running low and the next exit was a good three miles later. They’d have probably been gone. Or at least that is what I’ll tell my regretful self.

I have an engagement session with a couple on Tuesday night. So until then, I might try to avoid all things photography. Or not. 🙂

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