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Disappointment thwarted…

I like that word..thwart. I learned it from Nancy Drew. I used to read all her hardback books…the originals. Sigh. Oh, Nancy. Goodness gracious how I miss you! And Ned Nickerson. And Bess. And George. Ok…and Hannah Gruen, the Drews’ housekeeper.

Ok, back to the here and the now. The past few months I’ve noticed a bunch of those wild sunflowers growing along the main street where we live. You can’t see them from my doorway because there is a slope that divides my eyeline from the sunflowers. Anyway, I always think: today, I need to go snap a few pics of them.

But then I think…nah, there is always tomorrow.

Well you know what? There is NOT always tomorrow.
That’s why this evening, I put dinner on hold (I know…that’s crazy for me!!)…I took my 40d. Carpe diem!

Well, I get closer to the flowers, and find myself frowning. The flowers are no longer…flowers. They are stems with the centers still attach, but dried up and petal-less. I am dismayed. I look around at the dry grasses and think how ugly it is. But darnit. I decide to try to turn the ugliness into something pretty. Here’s what I get:


And then I realize…there are a ton of ladybugs having a hey day with the very flowers I didn’t think were worthy of photographing. So I stand at really uncomfy angles and say “to hell” with the posture Nazis…I lean in as close as I can without stepping into the ditch of grasses, and surely ticks, that envelope the grouping. God love the macro! (Ok, so I know God didn’t invent the macro lens. BUT…he did create the inventor of the macro. AND he created 90 percent of the things that are macro-worthy.)
stairway to ladybug heaven.
trying to hide

Caught red-winged.
And then, as if to say: “I’m not so ugly either…” This lil’ guy landed. So I had my way with him, too.
I can be pretty, too!

And then…my knees and bach get achey. So I stretch. Decide to head back. But then I see a small patch of baby flowers. (I’m not botanist, so who knows what they are.) See the things you notice when you stop to notice? haha
A clump of survivors.
Unalike twins.

Even the skeleton of a weed became a victim of my lens.
Blow me.


Moral of the story: I love God. And nature. And Geraldine. Ok..and Neil.

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