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In a lil’ town called Latrobe…

I went to Neil’s hometown this past weekend. One of his friends was getting married. His mom and dad took us out for a drive so I could snap some of the beauty that fall is known for in Latrobe.

Here is a sprinkling of what we saw…. starting with one of their cats, Bonnie. (of the famed feline duo, Bonnie & Clyde)

11-07 PA 0017

A barn we saw. Man was it cold getting this picture.

11-07 PA 0237 c

The stunning landscape.
11-07 PA 0332 c

At the state park Twin Lakes.
11-07 PA 0256 c

Ok. So…story time. Neil’s mom thought it’d be cool to take some pics of the railroad tracks cuz they were surrounded by fall colors. Great idea. So we were on the bridge…
11-07 PA 0273 c

And then we heard a sound… and sure enough…there was train coming. we stayed where we were on the bridge. And holy cow! There was a rush of hot air. And I caught this right beforehand…
11-07 PA 0288 c

And then it was over….
11-07 PA 0305 c

Anyway, it was a beautiful fall day. Love Latrobe. And love my soon-to-be official family. 😉

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