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To-Be-Weds: Kylie & Stephen {Kansas City/Shawnee engagement session}

I stared for awhile at my hands on the keyboard, trying to put this post into words. But it proves difficult sometimes to be whole-heartedly honest, especially when parts of the whole heart are not exactly elated. Now, don’t go thinking this is a sad post…by no means is it. But my feelings about the people in this post are bittersweet.

Kylie is one of my best friends…. I met her my sophomore year in college when she lived down the dorm from our other now-mutual best friend Cara and me. Early on I was attracted to her laid-back attitude and sarcastic comments. She didn’t seem to get absorbed by petty stuff like so many other girls can do.

Kylie was a bridesmaid in my own wedding, and one of the reasons I was very excited to move to Kansas City. She is unlike any of my other girlfriends in that she is so chill, hard to rile, and doesn’t get grossed out easily (She is a nurse in the burn unit!!!). She is my go-to girl for things many others would consider too dorky to do… all while wearing our pajamas—puzzles, board games, eating chocolate, playing cards, croquet and her favorite–Dr. Mario. (She is so crazy good that I shudder with frustration just thinking about playing with her.) She is one of reason. She is loyal. She is playful. She is a good sport. She is athletic. She is beautiful.

She sounds like an AMAZING catch, eh? Well, she IS. Stephen, the guy she loves, can attest to that (Right, Stephen!!!??). They are getting married this October (and I am a bridesmaid). Of course I am so happy for them–that they have found one another and that they are (finally!!!) sealing the deal.

So why start out this post with the voice of Darbi Downer?

Because this wonderful friend of mine is moving. Far. Away. To Santa Fe.

+Do you know the way to Santa Fe?
You know, tumbleweeds … prairie dogs+

(lyrics from RENT’s Santa Fe)

Her wedding signifies the end to her Show-Me State days. I know I will not be alone in the mixed tears or joy and sadness on that beautiful occasion in the fall. I know I will not want to stop hugging her.

But I also know she is going to do wonderfully in such a beautiful town, with Stephen as her partner in crime. And I know I am already looking forward to visiting them…and going horseback riding through terrain that is foreign to this Midwest girl’s eyes.

So I am incredibly honored to have been able to give one of my best friends these photos–of her and her love, in normal attire, just being themselves….in magnificent light. I hope they cherish these, and never forget the warmth and scents of where much of their first chapter together took place.

(All photos where taken at Covered M arena in Shawnee Mission, KS, where Kylie takes riding lessons; a big thank you to the owners there for allowing us to trod on their grounds!!!)

And then the sun came out. And gave us a huge wet kiss on all of our foreheads.

FAVE at the top!


Kylie & Stephen… no other engagement session has ever been so satisfying, personally AND professionally. I better see a bunch of these framed when I come visit!! xo

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