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The difference between flushmount and lay-flat parent books

To keep things simple, I don’t offer tons and tons of different options when it comes to displaying your wedding day images.
On my price list, you will see three listings that have anything to do with albums. One is solely for images for portrait sessions (such as engagement or boudoir). The other two are for the wedding day. And these two are admittedly vastly different in prices.
So what is the difference between a flushmount album and a lay-flat parent book?
For starters, the books serve different purposes.
With me, you can’t order parentbooks without first ordering a flushmount album. I will explain why below.
The flushmount album is for wedding day images, the layout of which is decided by me. I plug in my favorite images of your day that I feel best tell your “story”… and then you and your groom review the layouts and swap out whatever photos you want. This is so much easier as it will let you see what type of photos to choose rather than just telling you: hey, pick your favorite 100 images out of 700-800. Trust me when I tell you that having to decide on your favorite images is actually way too challenging and will take you too long of a time to do. So I lay a foundation upon which you can build.
 Parent books are exact duplicates of the flushmount books in layout and image choices. The format is where they differ. 


A lay-flat parent book is more akin to an actual coffee table book you might be familiar with. The pages are press-printed on 80-90 lb standard UV-coated matte card stock or on a texturized linen material. The crease of the book is hinged, so it will lie flat when opened and image loss along the crease is minimal. Pages are thin and flexible. Cover options include faux leathers and a few other material options.


A flushmount is made up of actual photographs mounted to archival boards.These pages are not flexible. The album lies flat and there is virtually no image loss in the crease as the photo paper is not cut at the crease. These are beautiful and stunning and quite a bit thicker and larger than a parent book. They also are heavy. And expensive.
There is a cameo on the front cover (though the cameo shown in the album is a bit  larger than it will be for you in the listed rate on the price sheet.)

This photo shows a parent book atop a flushmount wedding album.
So why can’t you order your wedding day images in a lay-flat album? To layout your wedding day images, it takes a lot of time. That amount of time doesn’t change regardless what type of book the images go in. So the rate I’d have to charge for the lay-flat to make it worth my time would be too high to pass on to you. The layflat books, though high-quality, aren’t of the same caliber as the flushmount, so if you’re going to invest a lot of money in something to display your images, you need to put it toward something that looks like it’s worth the high pricetag.
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