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{Hitched} Allison & Zach | Lawrence, KS | Van Go

The hottest wedding I’ve shot in two years was a few weeks ago (go figure, since it IS late summer in the Midwest!) and it was that of Allison & Zach. These two–I tell you, if you left from their wedding not feeling as if you’d just witnesses two best friends whom EVERYONE SERIOUSLY ADORES…both separately and as a couple–then you clearly had cottonballs in your ears. From the get-go till my assistant, Seng, and I left… we heard story after story and example after example of why A & Z are perfect for one another. This wedding was so laid-back, full of laughter, wit and…LOTS OF WIND! AND HEAT! But the wedding party’s mood was not to be hampered. A few things I loved about the event will be sprinkled in between pictures!


I love that their wedding colors were vivid red and black! These days, you don’t see such dramatic palettes, so it’s refreshing to photograph something outside the norm. And the pic on the right…is…well…Dog. Dog was a garage-sale find for Allison’s family many moons ago, and he has since become akin to the traveling gnome, showing up sporadically at family events over the years. He of course couldn’t miss the wedding, though he was a bit bummed that the bride and groom didn’t think to get him a bone-tonniere. Ha. Sorry. Couldn’t help myself!


The garter has been to sooo many weddings…wrapped around so many lovely brides’ legs! It is “something old. Something new. Something borrowed. And something blue.” Each bride has to sign the box with her date! 002-KansasCityweddingphotography-DarbiGPhotography003-KansasCityweddingphotography-DarbiGPhotography004-KansasCityweddingphotography-DarbiGPhotography005-KansasCityweddingphotography-DarbiGPhotographyAllison & her girl time… with her mom and sister!006-KansasCityweddingphotography-DarbiGPhotographyI couldn’t have asked for better moments. Allison’s mom was not only sweet and funny, she was so affectionate. And I LOVE huggers!007-KansasCityweddingphotography-DarbiGPhotography

This is EXACTLy how so many brides feel when the look comes together with the veil. And then the pic on the right is exactly how most brides do not feel when hairspray is out. Allison loathes hairspray. But you could never guess it by looking at the pic, no?008-KansasCityweddingphotography-DarbiGPhotographythe gents. Always smiling. Such good-natured lads!009-KansasCityweddingphotography-DarbiGPhotography010-KansasCityweddingphotography-DarbiGPhotography011-KansasCityweddingphotography-DarbiGPhotographyThe first glance took place on the stairwell at THE ELDRIDGE in LAwrence, Ks. It is a beautiful venue for weddings in general, though this wedding party just got ready there and headed out. 012-KansasCityweddingphotography-DarbiGPhotography013-KansasCityweddingphotography-DarbiGPhotography014-KansasCityweddingphotography-DarbiGPhotography015-KansasCityweddingphotography-DarbiGPhotographyBecause it was a scorcher, the bride and groom provided guests with refreshers. And sunglasses. 016-KansasCityweddingphotography-DarbiGPhotographySorry about the horribly placed watermark on the below pic… my program botched. But moving on.. .the ceremony was outdoors, with glaring sunshine, at a grotto-like venue. 017-KansasCityweddingphotography-DarbiGPhotography018-KansasCityweddingphotography-DarbiGPhotography019-KansasCityweddingphotography-DarbiGPhotography020-KansasCityweddingphotography-DarbiGPhotography021-KansasCityweddingphotography-DarbiGPhotography022-KansasCityweddingphotography-DarbiGPhotography023-KansasCityweddingphotography-DarbiGPhotography024-KansasCityweddingphotography-DarbiGPhotographyDo you love the simplicity of the floral usage? And the color is like KAPOW! Allison also let her ladies pick out their own black dresses. It’s always fun to see the different personalities that come to light. 025-KansasCityweddingphotography-DarbiGPhotography026-KansasCityweddingphotography-DarbiGPhotographyOH! there is that dashing DOG. And these are the happiest bridesmaids’ feet I’ve ever worked with. 027-KansasCityweddingphotography-DarbiGPhotographyYou can tell how happy they were. So happy, they weren’t fearful of taking to the air!!! Do you spot the flying flowerhead?028-KansasCityweddingphotography-DarbiGPhotography029-KansasCityweddingphotography-DarbiGPhotography030-KansasCityweddingphotography-DarbiGPhotographyMAMAs are the best! (and yes, another badly placed watermark. Sorry!)031-KansasCityweddingphotography-DarbiGPhotography032-KansasCityweddingphotography-DarbiGPhotography033-KansasCityweddingphotography-DarbiGPhotography034-KansasCityweddingphotography-DarbiGPhotography035-KansasCityweddingphotography-DarbiGPhotography

Their reception was at the super-artsy and fun Van Go event space. 

041-KansasCityweddingphotography-DarbiGPhotography042-KansasCityweddingphotography-DarbiGPhotography043-KansasCityweddingphotography-DarbiGPhotography044-KansasCityweddingphotography-DarbiGPhotographyThey win the award for most speeches ever at a wedding. I can’t remember exactly…but I think there were close to 10 or 12! The good news… every speech was warm, emotional and touching. And some were really funny. 045-KansasCityweddingphotography-DarbiGPhotography046-KansasCityweddingphotography-DarbiGPhotographyAnd then to put another spine-tingling event in the mix, Allison’s mom gathered the family and friends to sing a Mennonite worship song. It was so beautiful to hear all the voices, no instruments, joining for such a wonderful occasion. 047-KansasCityweddingphotography-DarbiGPhotographyAnd then the first dance!!!!048-KansasCityweddingphotography-DarbiGPhotography049-KansasCityweddingphotography-DarbiGPhotography050-KansasCityweddingphotography-DarbiGPhotography051-KansasCityweddingphotography-DarbiGPhotographyThese two didn’t have a wedding cake. BUT THEY HAD THE ICE-CREAM TRUCK parked outside for hours! Guest got to eat their choice of a dessert. how freaking cool…literally AND figuratively is that? 052-KansasCityweddingphotography-DarbiGPhotography053-KansasCityweddingphotography-DarbiGPhotographyIt is here that I must sincerely apologize to Allison & Zach because I COMPLETELY forgot to get a picture with them. I think this is the first time in 2 years I missed the personal must-have shot. I AM SO SORRY! {It might be better off because after sweating as much as I did that day, I was not very photo-friendly.) But to you and all your adoring fans (Friends & FAMILY!!!)… I wish you the merriest of lives together. I have no doubt you will do great things together…and share in so many laughs. xo to you all!

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