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Hitched: Brittany & Tyler {Lawrence, KS}

When it’s hot out, like…really really hot…as in… the temperatures of this dastardly July… clients commonly ask me, “will my sweat show up in the photos?” The answer is no, for the most part…unless there are literally beads of perspiration rolling down foreheads, cheeks, etc… or sweat stains.
I have to admit, when I showed up for Brittany & Tyler’s wedding (all of which was outdoors other than the ceremony) I was worried this would be one of those times that sweat would be very apparent…I mean, it was nearly 100 degrees out!
But oddly enough, as hot as the bride and groom were, and as hot as the wedding party and guests surely were, everyone looked so beautiful…and the heat created a surreal glow. (Though I do think they’d be glowing regardless because the entire day was just surreal!!)
 Brittany & Tyler were once again beacons of gooey delight on their wedding day. Brittany’s bridesmaids were her three sisters (can you imagine raising FOUR GIRLS???) I was so amused watching them interact because only sisters have that dynamic where they can be playful, firm and loving at the same time. You could feel their strong bond…and Brittany didn’t want photos of just her with one of them at a time..she said there is no point because all of them are so close. Made my heart melt. And let me just say…they all look like sisters, too.
Tyler’s man posse consisted of his brother and his best friend. Both of them were so charming and dashing… so personable!!! So fitting for one of the most friendly grooms I’ve ever worked with.
Brittany took on a lot for this wedding. She put together her own bouquets, and she and her sisters baked the bundt cakes you’ll see toward the end. From beginning to end, this Lawrence, KS, wedding was oozing with things that were important to the couple… and at the center of that, you could tell was their own love and friendship.
Mike Tsai of 4Honor Photography here in Kansas City was my assistant…the first time we’ve worked together and let me just say, we made a fabulous team! A huge thank you to him!!
The girls got ready at the Oread Hotel at the end of the KU campus.
Kansas City/Lawrence wedding photographer Darbi G. Photography
Kansas City/Lawrence wedding photographer Darbi G. Photography
Featured below (in Tyler’s hands) is one of the most valuable things I now own thanks to CVS. The misting fan. I bought it for myself originally, but this bridal party sure got my money’s worth! Definitely recommend it!! And check out Brittany in her solo pics below…she had told me she wanted to emulate a more natural Taylor Swift look with her style…and by golly…I think she NAILED IT!!!
Kansas City/Lawrence wedding photographer Darbi G. Photography
The colors had us going shutter-crazy!!
Kansas City/Lawrence wedding photographer Darbi G. Photography
Their ceremony was at Danforth Chapel… and their families were so incredibly warm and inviting. The photo below of two sisters trying to fix Brittany’s dress…is actually of them using that wonderful misting fan to spray on her small wrinkles. haha
 Tyler played a song he wrote for Brittany during the ceremony. I had chills. And tears in my eyes. His voice was amazingly clear and smooth…one of the best songs I’ve heard at a ceremony ever.
Kansas City/Lawrence wedding photographer Darbi G. Photography
Now begins the series of photos that I can honestly say are some of the most favorite photos I’ve ever taken. EVER. I was so hot. They were so hot. It was so hot. But we were all troopers, and then when we saw the euphoric spots of evening light coming through the park… we made magic. Abracadabra!
(Her dress, btw, because I know fashion-savvy browsers will want to know…is from J. Crew. And I think Brittany’s photos alone should be used for their advertisement…just sayin’… )
Kansas City/Lawrence wedding photographer Darbi G. Photography

In Brittany’s words…
I love Tyler’s goofiness and his ability to make me laugh in even my worst of moods.  His optimism is contagious and I am grateful that he never lets me lose sight of my goals and aspirations in life.  I love his caring and compassionate personality, and the way he understands my thoughts and emotions and knows what I am going to say before I say it.  I love Tyler for too many reasons.  I love Tyler for being Tyler.

In Tyler’s words…
I love Brittany because she completes me in every sense. She is my biggest critic, but also my biggest fan. She supports me in everything that I do and wants nothing more than for me to be happy and healthy. If I loved her any less than I do, I would probably think that she is crazy for caring so much about me, but because I feel the same way about her…it all makes sense.

Kansas City/Lawrence wedding photographer Darbi G. Photography

Their reception was held in one of Tyler’s family friends’ yards… the simplicity of it all was so perfectly summer…. and the BBQ for the meal was scrumptious. I especially enjoyed the pickles.

Kansas City/Lawrence wedding photographer Darbi G. Photography
Brittany is THE prettiest laugher I’ve ever photographed. If she laughed, I shot a photo…because it was like one of those photos of cute sleeping babies… you just have to get ONE more…and another…and another….
Kansas City/Lawrence wedding photographer Darbi G. Photography
And some final photos of the lovebirds in the garden. And them with me…looking absolutely spent and bloated from all the salty pickles. hahahahahah
Kansas City/Lawrence wedding photographer Darbi G. Photography
Brittany & Tyler, Mike and I truly enjoyed you, your families, your vision and your celebration. The intimate affair made us feel like we were more than just photographers… and both of you are amazing people inside and out. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! xo
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