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Hitched: Katie & Nate {Nebraska City wedding photography}

I must take a moment to begin this post and thank the bride’s good friend, Ashley, for finding me…and for convincing me to break my “no more traveling” rule for 2011. (at the time I got the inquiry, I was already booked with so many out of KC weddings, that I had started declining anything requiring me to drive longer than an hour because I needed to focus on the Kansas City market, and my husband and cat…haha). But Ashley urged me to reconsider. She said…it’s a beautiful venue…and a BEAUTIFUL couple who is so much fun. So I agreed to talk to Katie and I immediately wanted to work with her. So cool, calm, sweet and witty. So THANK YOU, Ashley!!!!! 😉

Even major flooding and the heckuva detours that came with it couldn’t keep Katie & Nate’s friends and family away from the day they sealed the deal along the Missouri River in eastern Nebraska. The day promised rain, but the moisture held off (other than the humidity… 😉  ) and Amber Cutler & I were enamored not only with the surroundings of the beautiful grounds of Arbor Lodge in Nebraska City, but the giddiness of those there to cheer on the bride and the groom.

If you recall, or if you’re interested in seeing it, their engagement session last fall is one of my all-time faves. I learned then how good-looking they are as individuals…but also how well they fit together and use the chemistry they have with one another to make the chemistry with the camera SIZZLE.

Kansas City wedding photographer-Nebraska City wedding

So anywho…on to the pictures telling the story…
Kansas City wedding photographer-Nebraska City wedding
Kansas City wedding photographer-Nebraska City wedding

Their dogs, Memphis and Bear, were the ring-bearers. 🙂
Kansas City wedding photographer-Nebraska City wedding

Check out how cute and cool their wedding party is. They were all so much fun…! Such good sports. About the gnats that wouldn’t leave us alone (seriously, it was insane–I swallowed one, one got in my eye, and Amber somehow ended up with one in her camera…like…she could see it in h er viewfinder and on the LCD screen, but it didn’t come out in any of the pictures…so we have no idea where it was, even after a thorough inspection of the camera’s inner parts…haha), about going along with any crazy ideas that came up and about making sure the bride and groom were having the time of their lives.
Kansas City wedding photographer-Nebraska City wedding

Speaking of the bride and groom….They love one another. Duh. And here is why. 😉

In Katie’s words….

Nate is the one because he always has and always will stick by my side through the good and the bad. He is compassionate about life, and has big dreams. He always knows how to make me laugh, and he helps me cook and clean. 🙂 I love Nate so much because he loves ME, even when I’m crazy. 

In Nate’s words….
I love Katie so much because she loves to be active and do anything at a moment’s notice. She likes to hunt, fish, play sports and basically everything else I like to do.  She is the greatest cook on earth who can make any ordinary dish extraordinary! She is a loving and caring person who would do anything for our family…and by family I mean our dogs Memphis and Bear. There is no one I would rather grow old and spend my time with than Katie!!!! I love you.

Kansas City wedding photographer-Nebraska City wedding

Kansas City wedding photographer-Nebraska City wedding

I gasped. Sighed. Squealed. And wanted to do somersaults after the combination of her gorgeousness and the lighting I can’t get enough of came together…
Kansas City wedding photographer-Nebraska City wedding

The reception took place in the barn, and included some pretty funny shenanigans.And some delicious decor….

Kansas City wedding photographer-Nebraska City wedding

Katie & Nate, I wish you both a marriage that is just like your wedding day–full of laughter, picture-perfect memories, support from friends and family, and reasons to dance!! xo



Wedding planner 
Adessa Grundman – Lied Lodge

Liz and Krystal

Bridesmaid-dress designer 
J. Crew

Kathy Wortman (the bride’s aunt!!)

Shrameks Video

PJ’s Babycakes, Butterfly Bakery

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