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Hitched: Kylie & Kyle {Jefferson City wedding photography}

The world would be a better place if all wives had a husband to look at them like Kyle looks at Kylie. I can’t tell you how many times on their wedding day (or even during their engagement session) that I would catch Kyle gazing at Kylie  with this little boy smile on his face. He made me swoon on the inside.

And the wedding that Kylie planned made me swoon just as much. She aimed to sparkle, in more ways than one, and it is clear that she succeeded. If her whole realtor gig doesn’t work out, I’m pretty sure the wedding industry would relish having such a fabulous visionary on board!!! 😉

Courtney Tompson out of Moberly was once again my assistant. They did their first glance in the shade of the Capitol…

Kansas City wedding photographer Darbi G. Photography

Everywhere I looked, I would see a smile, a cute gesture or tears! Photographers…we love us some crying!!! So much emotion as the families and friends watched these two make their love official.
Kansas City wedding photographer Darbi G. Photography

Hello gorgeous couple. Hello, hello, hello!
Kansas City wedding photographer Darbi G. Photography

 In Kyle’s words…
“First off, she is so beautiful with or without make up or fancy clothes on. She is so smart and brilliant, and she has such great planning skills she could plan anything for anyone and it would be perfect. And she takes very good care of me. Plus she can cook good and clean LOL. I love her so much!”

 in Kylie’s words…

“He is a such a hard worker, super kind always willing to lend a hand, and a true family man! I absolutely love his big smile and dimples! His curly blonde hair is cute too!! Believe it or not he does has a sweet, loving, side to him! I feel he can always take care of me and make me happy! Kyle loves to have a good time and I’m glad we can share that together! He and I love to stay busy making plans with friends and family to have fun, laugh, and drink a drink or two!! Let’s not forget that he puts up with my crap–my control freak and OCD like behaviors, my shopping habits, my occasional bad attitude or crankiness, my constant need to remind him of things that need done around the house, my over the top dreams and plans and all because I know he truly loves me!” 
And of course, this dashing couple has dashing friends to boot! 
Kansas City wedding photographer Darbi G. Photography
Kansas City wedding photographer Darbi G. Photography
Kansas City wedding photographer Darbi G. Photography

Kylie & Kyle–thank you for showing us a good ol’ time! You two fit each other so well and are so lucky to have so many friends and family members who cherish your relationship right along with you! xo

Hair: Kerri Mertens
Make up: Stephanie Stokes
Wedding-dress designer: Maggie Sorterro
Bridesmaid-dress designer: Alfred Sung
Church/officiant: St. Peter Catholic Church/Fr. Brendan Doyle
Florist: River City
Videographer: Chris Kennison
Cakery/baker: Heather Huhman
Caterer: Argyle Catering
DJ/Band: Bill Farr, Around the clock DJ service and Robby Bax, Guitarist

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