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Hitched: Whitney & John {St. Louis, MO}

When I think back to Whitney & John’s late August wedding, I see soft, blushing romantic hues–which created an ethereal warmth that lasted all day long. And I’m not talking about the temperatures. I’m referencing the undeniable fact that the bride and groom have impeccable taste…from they loved ones they surround themselves with, to the color palette…to the bling-of-all-blingiest shoes…to the TWO extraordinarily glamourous dresses the bride donned…to the super posh, chic venue of the Palladium..to the fantastic and scrumptious spread of eclectic food stations to the super-dreamy honeymoon location of Italy’s Amalfi Coast… I’m telling you… they nailed it all!!!

I was fortunate enough to be assisted by the darling Kellie Carter of Kentucky (she was also my assistant at my brother’s wedding in May 2010). We both agreed that it was easy to be smitten with this wedding because the bride and groom were beautiful AND sweet, the wedding party was not lacking in the fun department, and the planning that went into the event was to-die-for, as you’ll see. And the cherry on the top is that I am friends with a few bridesmaids and guests! Can’t beat that!!!

So let’s get on with it…right?



(oh, and let me just say…definitely one of my fave dresses I’ve ever photographed…and it might have helped that it was on one of the most enchanting brides of all time!)

As for what seals their deal… 😉

In Whitney’s words….
John is the total package — he’s incredibly smart, funny, sweet and athletic. He’s also one of the most fun people I’ve ever known. Whether we’re watching TV on the couch at home, running 5ks, or snorkeling in the Mediterranean together, I always have a great time when I’m with him.

In John’s words…
Whitney is obviously beautiful, which is what I first noticed about her when we met in law school. But now that we have been together for 6 years, I love that she makes me laugh every day and is the most caring person I know, almost to a fault. I love how much she loves our dogs and knows exactly what to say and do when I have a bad day at work. I’m excited to be able to now come home to her every day.


Do you see why Kellie & I were head over heals for these details?

Spot her darling reception dress? It is BCBG she said…and I want it. Now. Actually…yesterday.
<a href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/darbig/6163056330/” title=”WhitneyJohn-comp007 by DarbiG, on Flickr”><img src=”http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6174/6163056330_68fa71e25f_o.jpg” width=”850″ height=”4041″ alt=”WhitneyJohn-comp007″></a>

Oh yeah, and we can’t forget the ending photo of the wiped out photographer and the beautiful newlyweds!!!

Whitney & John–your wedding will go down as one of the most beautiful ever! And you two are surely set for life with such a wonderful group of friends, family and strong love for one another. Enjoy your marriage….and all the memories that will come with it!  xoxo

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