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Love has its own Lingo.

How cool of a last name is Lingo? SO cool. But not as cool as the bride and groom were. Seriously. They are the e-couple from a few weeks ago…the schoolhouse one. Anyway, I had so much fun with N & J. They were so laid back, and up for anything. I am nowhere near done processing the oodles of pics yet, but I have finished with the getting ready photos. I’ll post a few as I go through each “section” of the wedding.

The church was beautiful. So many nooks and crannies.
1020 Lingo-Bear 1-2045

1020 Lingo-Bear 1-2017

Meet the groom.
1020 Lingo-Bear 1-2067
1020 Lingo-Bear 1-2075

Meet the ringbearer.
1020 Lingo-Bear 1-2074
1020 Lingo-Bear 1-2076

Meet the dress.
1020 Lingo-Bear 1-2090 vig
Pretty from all angles.
1020 Lingo-Bear 1-2094

Flower Girl #1.
1020 Lingo-Bear 1-2115
Flower Girl #2.
1020 Lingo-Bear 1-2116

You’ll see more of them later. 🙂

And of course, the star of the day. Playing peek-a-boo.
1020 Lingo-Bear 1-2126

She didn’t wear one garter belt. She wore three. And one was edible.
1020 Lingo-Bear 1-2136

How gorgeous is the MOB?
1020 Lingo-Bear 1-2039 bw

1020 Lingo-Bear 1-2011

She’s so pretty!! Even when checking to make sure things are in place.
1020 Lingo-Bear 1-2021 5x7 bw

And the last one to get dressed…
1020 Lingo-Bear 1-2147

More to come! I swear! Tomorrow!!! 🙂

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