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A post-holiday post

Good golly! Look how long it’s been since my last post. Let’s see…reasons why…uh…let’s just suffice it to say: I HAVE BEEN SOOO BUSY!! 🙂 On the cusp of the holiday season, there were a few last-minute sessions and just generally hectic times — all of which equal slowed-down blogging. As is the case with photographers everywhere, I’m sure. You think it’s the off season…but no. No such thing.

Ok…So let’s play catch up because I know you missed me.

No major news coming from me… had a fabulous time in Pennsylvania where Neil’s family lives. They’re my family now, too, though…right? 🙂 Just got back tonight, actually. I did miss spending the holiday with my G family…but it’s all part of growing up. Lucky for me, I love my in-laws. Might post a few pics from the Penn times later.

I’m excited though because one of the gifts I got from my dear hubby was a holga camera. Heard of it? It’s a toy camera. Piece of crap or piece of goodness…depending on your luck…It’s all plastic. And it’s all mystery. Shots are pretty much hit or miss…and since it’s not digital, the surprise might just send butterflies frolicking in my tummy when I send the roll off. If you have no clue what I’m talking about, read more about the art of lomography here:. So stay tuned. When I get all caught up, I’ll let you know how it goes.

Ah, yes, the reason for this post. So raise your hand if you remember Eleanor. Because her family, including her baby cousin and aunt/uncle, wanted some holiday-mood pics. Here are my faves from the nearly three weeks ago!

Two of the girls with their parents. Meet Caroline and mom and dad. 🙂

Darbi G Baby photography Missouri-14

Darbi G Baby photography Missouri-7a

What do I like most about this picture? Is it the tongue hanging out of baby E’s mouth? Or is it the brown bow on her cousin Caroline’s head? Or maybe the fact that they are both so darn cute.
Darbi G Baby photography Missouri-1

Caroline’s daddy had a way of making her get giddy. I have proof:
Darbi G Baby photography Missouri--5

Or to calm her down.
Darbi G Baby photography Missouri-7

One of my faves, most definitely. Her eyes. Sigh.
Darbi G Baby photography Missouri-3

Eleanor didn’t have to try at all to be cute.

Darbi G Baby photography Missouri-3z

But sometimes, she gave an extra effort. Looks agonizing, doesn’t it? Makes me laugh though.
Darbi G Baby photography Missouri-4

My favorite of Eleanor from the day. She had a thing for her dress. And by “thing”… I mean she liked to eat/slobber all over it.
Darbi G Baby photography Missouri-4z

And Caroline was fascinated by the tree. I have a feeling she’ll be a helper when it comes to decorating…someday.
Darbi G Baby photography Missouri-7d

Ain’t the two of them together so durn darling??? If you don’t agree, you can leave now. 🙂
Darbi G Baby photography Missouri--11

Killer eyes. Pouty lips. Too-cute hat.
Darbi G Baby photography Missouri-9

I’m not a fan of pastries. But I confess, I’m a sucker for these rolls.
Darbi G Baby photography Missouri-10

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CUTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Darbi G Baby photography Missouri-8

Darbi G Baby photography Missouri-12

I love the two moms’ ideas to dress the cousins up in scarves. We joked that they kinda look like little old women. So how cool will this picture be if it’s framed…and kept until they ARE old women?
Darbi G Baby photography Missouri-6

Darbi G Baby photography Missouri-12a

So there you have it. A post to buy me some more time. 🙂

I hope the S family had a wonderful holiday… and same to all of you. AND hope you all have a safe, fun…and memorable New Year!!

(Baby E & parents…I will be seeing you again in a few weeks. Take care!)

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  • Photography by Lara - I’m not a fan of pastries. But I confess, I’m a sucker for these rolls.

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! OMG, so freaking dorky cheesy and perfectly, wonderfully you. 🙂

    These are great – my favorite is the one of Caroline on her back on your amazing fuzzy rug.ReplyCancel

  • grammy - Darby – Just wanted to let you know how much we have appreciated and enjoyed your work. Your magical eye and playful spirit shows in each of the girls photos. They always bring and smile and sometimes a tear when they are shown to family and friends. But, then I am predjudice since they are my only two granddaughers! Best Wishes in 2009 Caroline and Eleanor’s Grammy SchierdingReplyCancel