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That which we call a baby by any other name would be as sweet….

A bit more than a year ago, Jennifer started working at Columbia College, where I spend the hours of 8 to 5 every day as the marketing coordinator. In just 14 months, Jennifer has gone through so many life phases, and I’ve lived vicariously through her in some ways. All that has happened since June 2008:
1. She got her first job post-graduation.
2. She married her best friend, Rob.
3. They bought their first house.
4. They got a dog, named Boone.
5. They got pregnant.!!!!

Ever since I found out she was making step #5, I’ve been pumped…and also amused at how crazy Jennifer has gone with decor, clothes, theories of motherhood…and coming up with a long list of baby names. I would say baby names have been 50 percent of our conversations since they found out they were having a girl. And I don’t mind since as of now, there are only two reasons I’m excited to be a mom myself: to take lots of photos…and to choose a name. 😉

Anyway…on August 4, Rob & Jennifer gave birth to their daughter. And despite all the preparation, the baby remained nameless for three days. 🙂

But at last… they settled on one that is so perfect…. so THEM… it is my pleasure to introduce my blog readers to Elliette Paige.

Kansas City baby newborn photographer-ElliettePJ-IMG_1399-Edit

And for such a classy baby, I expected nothing less than the tres chic, kick butt room that Jennifer had ready for Elli when she came home.

Pink & black…SO darling!
Kansas City baby newborn photographer-ElliettePJ-IMG_1236

Kansas City baby newborn photographer-ElliettePJ-IMG_1317-EditKansas City baby newborn photographer-ElliettePJ-IMG_1255-EditKansas City baby newborn photographer-ElliettePJ-IMG_1323-Edit

Elliette wasn’t all smiles this Saturday morning. She was so hungry… and mama had to shush her tons.
Kansas City baby newborn photographer-ElliettePJ-IMG_1424-Edit

While mom did her thing, I got the next shot ready. But we had an obstacle. Fisher, their cat, was jealous and not quite digging the fact that he wasn’t asked to pose. So he tried to steal the shot.
Kansas City baby newborn photographer-ElliettePJ-IMG_1269

But no worries. Elliette won for cutest pose in a drawer.
Kansas City baby newborn photographer-ElliettePJ-IMG_1440-swKansas City baby newborn photographer-ElliettePJ-IMG_1452-Edit

And she finally fell asleep! So we did what we could while the baby slumber lasted.
Kansas City baby newborn photographer-ElliettePJ-IMG_1294-bwKansas City baby newborn photographer-ElliettePJ-IMG_1374-Edit

Kansas City baby newborn photographer-ElliettePJ-IMG_1304-Edit

Kansas City baby newborn photographer-ElliettePJ-IMG_1310-Edit

Oops! She woke up again! But mama worked her magic…And then before we lost her again to the world of wakey-wakey, I thought I better act fast…every newborn has to have a shot in the official DGP newborn hat.
Kansas City baby newborn photographer-ElliettePJ-IMG_1430-EditKansas City baby newborn photographer-ElliettePJ-IMG_1331-EditKansas City baby newborn photographer-ElliettePJ-IMG_1340-Edit

Kansas City baby newborn photographer-ElliettePJ-IMG_1287-sw

Kansas City baby newborn photographer-ElliettePJ-IMG_1482-Edit-EditKansas City baby newborn photographer-ElliettePJ-IMG_1546-Edit

And all the people chant, “So precious! So precious! So precious!”
Kansas City baby newborn photographer-ElliettePJ-IMG_1532-Edit

Kansas City baby newborn photographer-ElliettePJ-IMG_1526-EditKansas City baby newborn photographer-ElliettePJ-IMG_1543-Edit

So peaceful.
Kansas City baby newborn photographer-ElliettePJ-IMG_1570-Edit

Kansas City baby newborn photographer-ElliettePJ-IMG_1575-Edit

Elliette, meet this really cute white hat. We think you’ll really like it!
Kansas City baby newborn photographer-ElliettePJ-IMG_1578-Edit

Ok. We were wrong. At first. And then the sensible female in her kicked in…and she gave in to the good fashion. My 2nd fave!
Kansas City baby newborn photographer-ElliettePJ-IMG_1601-sw

Jennifer & Rob, congratulations on bringing into the world such a sweet, tiny, perfect little girl. I’m so happy for you both, and can’t wait to see her grow up!!!!!

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  • Jenn - Okay, I knew she was cute before…but NOW…SHE'S GORGEOUS! Thanks for working your fabulous photog talent on my baby girl. Looking forward to many years of DarbiG pics!!ReplyCancel

  • Misty - She is so adorable!!! I love her expressions and her room is awesome! Congratulations.ReplyCancel

  • Jeralyn - Darbi, these are WONDERFUL! Jen…what can I say? She's beautiful! You did good 🙂 Oh..and so did Rob lol.ReplyCancel

  • Michael K - WOW!!! Beautiful baby, beautiful family, talented photographer!!ReplyCancel

  • clary5four - The amount of fabulousness in the post is too much. The name, room and photos are all amazing!ReplyCancel

  • Linsie - I love these pictures, she is so, so, cute! I can't wait to hold her – one month to go…ReplyCancel

  • Lori BUrris - Wonderful photographs! Congrats Jen what a wonderful little cousin for my grand baby Lanie to play with all throughout her life! She's just beautiful 😉ReplyCancel