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Confidence Rocks

My fiance is in a band. Yeah, that’s right…I’m marrying a rock star. haha
Anyway, the band is Confident Years, and for the first three years Neil and I dated, many of my fondest memories are at shows. Life has sort of gotten in the way for the three CY guys, but FINALLY they found their way back to the stage–more than a year after their last show!!
It was a kick-butt show, definitely worth the wait. Here are some of my favorite images from that night.

Usually, drummers are duds when it comes to photo ops. But not my Neil. He comes alive behind his set…. and sometimes he’s fierce.
H CY031908005
H CY031908016

And then there is Mike Quinn, the charismatic lead singer and guitarist. He likes the camera…and the camera likes him..
H CY031908015

Stephen Parshall, the bassist, can get intense…
H CY031908054

Oh, and because I stand front row, Neil likes to exaggerate his expressions…all for a laugh from my friends and me. This is one such moment. What a nut.
H CY031908045

One of Mike’s trademark moves is to sing into his guitar for their closing song, “She’s the Killer.” The crowd goes wild. 🙂
H CY031908004

And Stephen can’t stay grounded in all that excitement. I love how Neil is looking up…
H CY031908020
Go check the band out. They’ll be coming out with a new album soon. CAN’T WAIT!!

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