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Engagement pictures for a couple not afraid to cuddle

I met Sarah through my dear friend/former bride, Paige. Sarah was a bridesmaid of Paige and was such a trooper that freezing day last April. And it’s a good thing she can weather frigid weather, because half of Sarah and her fiancee Aaron’s own engagement session was the coldest session in my life. Sarah lucked out though, because Aaron had no problems keeping the heat on. 😉

Ashley Clarke accompanied me that day. Knowing we didn’t want to get frostbite right off the bat, we started inside at Sarah & Aaron’s home in Fulton, Missouri. And we met three of their warm-bodied babies. Ain’t they cute? (from left to right: Frank, Penny and Ashes)
Engagement photographer-Sarah-Aaron-_MG_3960

Still at their place…so pre-Ice Age.

Engagement photographer-Sarah-Aaron-_MG_4014

Such a darling couple in their specs… and gotta love the teal wall of Aaron’s “Man Room.”
Engagement photographer-Sarah-Aaron-_MG_4024-Edit

This was my rather lame idea…but it turned out kinda cool other than the fact that the words didn’t show up as well throughout.

Engagement photographer-Sarah-Aaron-_MG_4052

On our way downtown, we made a pit stop at this orange beast of a garage. I saw the sign and said it’d be cute for them to stand by. Sarah thought it extra fitting, as she assured me she’s super tight with her money. haha
Engagement photographer-Sarah-Aaron-_MG_4061

The most important stop of the day was at the scene of the crime: their first date. It was here, at Beks, that Sarah and Aaron first started getting to know one another. And I will be back to that restaurant because let me tell you…the menu is chock full of delicious plates…

Engagement photographer-Sarah-Aaron-_MG_4317

I love this in black and white, too. But I’m going with the color for the blog.
Engagement photographer-Sarah-Aaron-_MG_4339

Beks was rife with photo ops…
One of my faves for the day…

Engagement photographer-Sarah-Aaron-_MG_4171

Another plus for Beks…it’s so darn cozy and inviting.
Engagement photographer-Sarah-Aaron-_MG_4121-Edit

A sweet, even cozier moment Ashley caught:
Engagement photographer-Sarah-Aaron-_MG_0214-Edit

Engagement photographer-Sarah-Aaron-_MG_4181

Engagement photographer-Sarah-Aaron-_MG_4214

Engagement photographer-Sarah-Aaron-_MG_4222

And then it was time. Time to bundle up. Focus on love at hand, not the arctic air at face..and hands. (Seriously, after 15 minutes, my fingers began pruning as if I were in the bathtub too long.)

Engagement photographer-Sarah-Aaron-_MG_4397

My fave catch of Ashley’s…

Engagement photographer-Sarah-Aaron-_MG_0318

Engagement photographer-Sarah-Aaron-_MG_4106

Hold him tight! TIGHTERRR!
Engagement photographer-Sarah-Aaron-_MG_4438

This one’s for Aaron.
Engagement photographer-Sarah-Aaron-_MG_4449

We ended at the bridge where they go walking. Ashley’s angle:
Engagement photographer-Sarah-Aaron-_MG_0393

And mine. I think this is another fave. I like the lines. And how you kinda feel cold looking at it…but in a warm way. haha
Engagement photographer-Sarah-Aaron-_MG_4513

Want to know how happy their frozen feet were when the session was over?
Engagement photographer-Sarah-Aaron-_MG_4530

I have a feeling that their wedding…at the end of June…will be quite a bit different in temperatures. THANKFULLY!! haha

Sarah & Aaron, I can’t wait to finish your gallery…and am looking forward to June 26!!!

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  • Anonymous - These pics are awesome!!! It makes me want to have another wedding…my pics aren’t this good. I am so jealous! See ya. HaleyReplyCancel

  • Don & Naomi Murray - Thanks for sharing these with us. They are great! I know you're looking forward to June. Congratulations! Don & Naomi MurrayReplyCancel

  • Temple & Nick - Gorgeous! Although, the ones on the bridge made me dizzy for some reason…ReplyCancel

  • Mark Hayes - What a wonderful session. I love the opening shot – love it when couples bring in the pets. The restaurant shots, and love those bridge shots.ReplyCancel

  • clary5four - Brrr…is all I could think after the first half of the blog and what a great couple for sticking it out! btw-I am loving that picture of you at the top…makes me miss you:)ReplyCancel

  • Enjo - I think that you know tha tthe last one aka jumping pic would have to be my favorite!