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Newlyweds in New York City: Amanda & Frank

You might recognize these cuties in love from their love-tastic wedding back in May. Amanda is a former college roommate of mine, and when they were up for doing their engagement session AFTER their wedding…and in NEW YORK CITY… I was so excited. So this is introducing what I am now going to call the “P.S. Luv ya” sessions. Probably “P.S.” for short.

We began in the afternoon…headed to Coney Island, however, it happened to be the BRIGHTEST day with no clouds in the sky, so we had direct sun to deal with. Thankfully, the island…its decrepit charm included…allowed for some fun shots anyway. And I never think of the beach when I think of NYC….but it’s very much there… and lovely.



who doesn’t love bright colors…bars…and NATHAN’S HOT DOGS???

Despite an onlooker who was suspicious of us invading his alley/home, Frank and Amanda let loose.



If you know Frank and Amanda, you know that THIS picture…is the most true to who they are together… haha

We took a break briefly for them to change clothes (and we had to drop their car off before we headed to our 2nd round). And this is another former roomie of mine. Her name is Oreo. And she has certifiably the puppiest puppy eyes I’ve ever seen.

We took the train back to midtown…

and had a quick snap in Grand Central. It was not the brightest of conditions, but I tried.

Then we headed to the famed Central Park with only a little more sunlight to spare. When I go back to NYC someday, I think I will spend a whole day at CP. I didn’t fully “get” how massive and sprawling it is until we spent an hour walking and probably only made it through 1/10th of it.



Another two faves



And one last one….before it got too dark. And I was whining the whole last 45 minutes out of the park because I saw so many things I’d love to have used in the shoot, but we hadn’t gotten that far yet while the sun was still up. Sighhhh. haha

Amanda & Frank–you were wonderful hosts and you’re great friends. Together you crack me up and I’m so glad you found one another. Hope you love the now two sets of pics I’ve given you from each of your hometowns. Can’t wait to see where your family pics take place someday down the road. haha x0x0x

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