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To-Be-Weds: Erica & James {Kansas City/Leawood engagement session}

Erica & James’s session will live in Darbi G. infamy. Yes, they are darn good-looking, fun to work with, and very much in love…but during their session, little did all three of us know…we were being attacked by chiggers. If you’ve never heard of them, or had them, count yourself lucky. I’d had some chigger bites on my ankles when I was growing up…no big deal. But I can’t even tell you the places on my body that served as dinner. All I know, is I will do whatever I can in the future to avoid getting them. I’ll take mosquito bites ANYday!!! And I think Erica & James will agree. 😉

So let’s chat a bit about who Erica & James are. They are getting married in Omaha next May… she is the little sister of one of my own sister’s friends. I shot her family last fall, and was so excited when she came back to me for her wedding and engagement photos.

Erica is currently in med school, but her husband-to-be is one step ahead of her. He’s a doctor, in internal medicine, as of last May. They’ve been together for nearly three years after a made-for-TV back-and-forth subtle flirtation that started when Erica made fun of James wearing flip-flops with his dress slacks. He thought she was a bit outspoken, and couldn’t quite get a read on her. She developed a crush on this lad who perhaps needed a few styling tips. Then one evening at a celebratory happy hour with fellow med school students, Erica mustered up enough courage to let James know she had a thing for him. He, naturally, was blown away because he thought her ridiculing him had proven just the opposite. But poor taste in foot attire aside, they hit it off… and he proposed at the “med school prom” IN a photobooth!! (How cool is THAT???)

And as the lifestyles of those wanting to be doctors go…they aren’t sure they’ll even be living in the same city the first year of their marriage as they have yet to find out where Erica will “match”….but judging from the connection i witnessed during their engagement session, I have no fear they are strong enough to endure long-distance if needed.

So let’s see the pics already, right? 😉
Kansas City engagement photography


this top one happens to be my fave…but I also think this is where we were served up as the lil’ un-seeable mites’ dinner… All great things involve some risks, right?
Kansas City engagement photography

Erica & James,
So glad to be working with such a great couple with a great love story. You two were so much fun…and I can’t wait till next May!! Have a wonderful fall… 😉

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