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WEE ONES: Lil’ Adelyn {Kansas City area}

Laura & Chris just moved here from Atlanta several months ago with their now-9-month old daughter who loves peek-a-boo, Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” and watching other children running around and playing.

Thanks to the horrid heat that this summer dropped on us, we moved their family session to the morning. It was a GREAT decision– even though it was still humid, at least we didn’t melt on the spot.

I couldn’t get over a) how darling Adelyn was…and b) how obvious who her father is. She is the spitting image of Chris… as you’ll see. Though I think as she grows older, more of Laura will show up.

Kansas City baby photographer

I know many parents are so bent on getting their kids to smile the whole time, but I have proof that not smiling can be just as cute. Adelyn’s serious faces are so cute…and I couldn’t help notice how many times she she pulled off a discerning, adult-like expression….and I think her conclusion after mulling it all over was that the photographer was a wacko. And that she wanted to mess with me. As soon as I’d put the camera down, she’d get this devilish glint in her eyes. I distinctly remember telling Laura that I do not trust her daughter. hahaha

Kansas City baby photographer

This first photo, seriously??? Can she be any cuter? She has puppy-dog eyes, and their color was only intensified by the matching window trim. DELICIOUS, I tell ya!
Kansas City baby photographer

What better summer symbol than WATERMELON??? It was hilarious watching her get a grip on it. She tended to go for the rind more than the fruit. We were giggling… (we played peek-aboo with her for a bit when she got a bit fussy,  hence the B&W pic and then she cheered up again when we told her the session was over. hahahah)

Kansas City baby photographer

Laura & Chris–she is delightful. DELIGHTFUL. And I enjoyed our conversation, Laura. You are a lovely family and I hope you are enjoying your new home. Welcome to Kansas City!!!

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