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To-Be-Weds: Jennifer & Jon

I would think that most of us would not take our mother’s recommendation on whom to date very seriously. I mean….our moms love us and want the best for us…but their taste in significant others most likely doesn’t align with our own.

Well. Jennifer is not MOST of us. Jon is exactly whom Jennifer’s mom picked out for her. He had come into the hair salon (Fairway Hairstyling) where Jennifer’s mom was getting her hair done and when he left, she asked the stylists, “Where can I get a guy like THAT for my daughter?” The stylists were on it. The next time Jon came in, they inquired whether he was available, and when he said he was, they asked for his business card to Jennifer’s mom. He handed the card over, which was then passed on into the hands of Jennifer.. and sure enough…a month later, Jennifer hunted Jon down on Facebook and send him a friend request. (Oh, wow… how technology has made love much more accessible, right?)

Jon did what any bachelor guy in these technologically driven times would do. He accepted said friend request and spent some time checking out Jennifer’s page. INcluding…pictures. He was immediately attracted to her and went ahead and messaged her to see if she’d join him for dinner. She accepted.

OVer a delicious meal at Kona Grill, the two were lost in an easy going conversation and a sizzle of chemistry between them. It wasn’t long before they were both feeling the urge to change their Facebook relationship statuses. And oddly enough, as their paths became more intertwined, they learned that the maternal matchmaking went one step further….

At the time, Jennifer had been working at a bridal gown store here in town. Jon’s mom had been in the store with his aunt to help his cousin shop for her wedding dress. Jennifer helped them in the search and later, Jon’s mom said to his aunt, “I need to find a girl like her for Jon.”

How crazy is that?

So now Jon, who sells cars and has been known to crave chocolate (wink), and Jennifer, who travels a lot for a wedding dress designer (Essence of Australia), are pleasing both of their moms a great deal. They are getting married in a month and a half. Jennifer might look familiar as I did a session with her family last summer. As you can see, Jon will fit right in to the poster-family for amazing teeth and dashing good looks.

So behold, photos of this beautiful couple…(and other than the nature-y ones at the top, the rest took place on the block where their story begins…)



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  • Eliza - Oh such a cute story, and gorgeous couple! Jennifer clearly has good taste – I had an Essense of Australia dress for my wedding day too. Really great photos, as always, Darbi!ReplyCancel

  • Rebecca Allen - Although I can’t see their faces, the mirror reflection is my favorite! Very photogenic couple!ReplyCancel

  • Darbi's Mom - Oh gosh, they do make a beautiful couple! And yes, I remember that family cuz I commented on what a beautiful family they were. Gorgeous! These pictures are so cute! And what a wonderful story! It sounds to me like it was meant to be. Beautiful work Darbi, as usual.ReplyCancel