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To-Be-Weds: Megan & Aaron {Kansas City engagement session}

For this session taking place during a dreadful heat advisory, I have to give mad props to Megan & Aaron for looking soooo cool. From the colors, to their natural ease with one another…to the glorious lighting that enveloped the grounds of Nelson Atkins museum, I couldn’t be happier with how these turned out.

And I couldn’t be happier working with anyone else. Megan and Aaron are so genuine and so genuinely into one another. They have already withstood some of the most trying years–they’ve been together since Megan was a freshman in high school, and Aaron was the “older” man…with keys to a Mustang and donning a letterman’s jacket. Any girl’s dream! 😉

(Side note: I have had SO many high-school sweethearts!! I wish I’d been counting. I just didn’t think it’d be common!)

They also were neighbors, living only a few blocks away from one another. Which is quite different from their current setup–Aaron is working temporarily in Lousiana as a financial analyst for a company whose helicopter is accredited with being in the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden,(Textron, btw…), and Megan is back here, still in school for marketing (Another JAYHAWK!!).

They have no idea where they’ll end up when Aaron’s southern stint is up, but neither one seems very concerned. They actually seem excited at the prospect of the adventures they’ll surely embark on–even toying with such faraway locations as Germany!!! Megan says, “We’ve traveled the world before together, so bring it on!”

But their wanderlust isn’t expected to flourish longterm. They plan on raising their family “back home.” (Do you hear the sighs of relief from those who will someday be grandparents???)

In the meantime, in their own lil’ worlds without the other one there day in and day out, they are growing themselves individually, but staying strong thanks to the ease of modern technology.

After spending an evening with these two, it is clear that no distance will come between them other than the physical sense. They ADORE one another…with Aaron’s puppy dog eyes and his nearly tangible adoration for Megan…and Megan’s giggly and honest affection… my camera was giving ME high-fives as we went.

See for yourself…. 😉



Megan & Aaron–your wedding next June is sure to be a grand event that marks the end of keeping you two apart. I cannot wait to share in it! 🙂

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