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Andrea’s Extreme Bridal {Kansas City wedding photographer}

This lovely’s face might be familiar to some of you as I recently photographed her wedding. She came to Kansas City for her Extreme Bridal session. For those of you who are new to this type of Darbi G. session, an Extreme Bridal is inspired by the surging trend to trash the dress, but is more about taking bridal images somewhere that isn’t super safe and traditional. This session doesn’t look that extreme, but if you were there, you’d have seen the filth of the surroundings, so props to Andrea for bearing it all….and not gagging when her weak-stomached photographer stepped in a pile of….human feces. Yes, enough of that. Let’s get on with the beauty that was captured!!! 😉

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Once again, her beauty made my camera and me swoon!
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blog-Kansas City wedding photographer-DarbiGPhotography-AndreaEB-167-Editblog-Kansas City wedding photographer-DarbiGPhotography-AndreaEB-214-Edit

blog-Kansas City wedding photographer-DarbiGPhotography-AndreaEB-244-Edit

blog-Kansas City wedding photographer-DarbiGPhotography-AndreaEB-329-Edit

blog-Kansas City wedding photographer-DarbiGPhotography-AndreaEB-285-Edit

blog-Kansas City wedding photographer-DarbiGPhotography-AndreaEB-366-Editblog-Kansas City wedding photographer-DarbiGPhotography-AndreaEB-370-Edit

blog-Kansas City wedding photographer-DarbiGPhotography-AndreaEB-422-Editblog-Kansas City wedding photographer-DarbiGPhotography-AndreaEB-427-Edit

blog-Kansas City wedding photographer-DarbiGPhotography-AndreaEB-463-Edit

blog-Kansas City wedding photographer-DarbiGPhotography-AndreaEB-496-Edit
blog-Kansas City wedding photographer-DarbiGPhotography-AndreaEB-506-Edit

Thanks for playing once again in your regal gown, Andrea!!! 🙂 Hope Ryan knows how lucky he is. 😉

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