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Shannon & Brad get hitched in Jeff City

My dear pal’s sister got married a couple of weeks ago in mid-Missouri. I have been very much looking forward to this wedding. Shannon is one of a kind–she has the BEST sense of humor…. and everytime I’ve ever been around her boisterousness and her outlandish wit, I’ve cracked up. And when you add Brad, her now husband, to the mix, it’s a guaranteed good time. The chemistry they have together is unmistakable. But even beyond that is the strong friendship. Brad calms Shannon. And Shannon keeps Brad on  his toes. It makes perfect sense that they sealed the deal the good, ol’ fashioned way. 😉 Ashley Irvin was my assistant for the day! THANK YOU, AI!

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Here are some of my fave images from their day. A joyous occasion indeed!
Paige (the aforementioned DEAR PAL) was Shannon’s matron of honor, and in her role, she delivered to Brad a wedding gift from Shannon: a DNA test for their dog, Murphy, whom they now have proof is a full-breed Boston Terrier. Brad was stoked.
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A special moment between Shannon and her father! I love it!
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AH, it might be a bit out of place from usual, but, we can’t forget!!
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And then it was time to get to the party.
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Shannon’s expressions get me every time!!!!
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Something I learned during the toasts… Brad had to chase after Shannon in the beginning…when Shannon and Brad were in high school, they’d often run into one another at the Lion’s Club (where the reception was) for town dances. He persistently tried to get her out on the dance floor with him, but she turned him down time and again. He got a hold of her phone at one point and jokingly put his number into it with the name DANCE PARTNER. She eventually she caved to his boyish charms and he will forever be her DANCE PARTNER…which she engraved his ring with. (and the one on the right, it’s on the tire of Brad’s truck. Insert manly chest beating here.
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A first for me! Brad’s awesome brother, Phillip, being the elder of the two by just a bit and unattached, had to do a trough dance for good luck to Ridin’ Solo by Jason Derulo. He might be single, but he had no problem getting the ladies to join him!
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Shannon & Brad–I couldn’t have chosen a better ending to a great wedding season. Your wedding was sooooo amazing. Shannon, you were a BEAUTIFUL BRIDE!!! Both of your families and friends knocked it out of the park for making me feel welcome. Love to you all! xoxoxo

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