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Glitz and grit…

‘Twas a beautiful day today…despite trepidation that those isolated thunderstorms would find us. With two assistants/friends in tow, Stephanie decided to live it up in her beautiful wedding dress. She had gotten married to Bradlee back in December, and she swears that once the big day is over, you see your dress in different eyes. And she wanted to wear it one more time before she packed it away in a box. It was time…today.
We started off at Rock Bridge State Park Devil’s Icebox. The actual cave was too flooded to get into…so we used the moss-covered rock walls.
Bradlee came along. But he ended up in only 10 percent of the pictures. This is one. 🙂

Next we headed to their friend’s horse farm. She is such a sweetie for letting us have at it. THANKS, LINDSEY!!! 🙂

She is terrified of horses…has a scar to prove why. But she handled it like a cowgirl. 🙂
Surely to be a fave from the session:

Not bad for a Wal-mart bouquet….? $8. 🙂

Can you tell she used to model?
Ahhhh, sun. Backlit bride. Beautiful picture.
This just might be one of my favorite candid moments of all time. Captain was a bit bored with the shoot now that he wasn’t front and center, so he sauntered over to Stephanie…and when she turned his way…he yawned. Aren’t you glad humans don’t look that menacing when we are tired??
She looks her age here. Any guesses?
I love this moment. Just a girl. On a four-wheeler. With flowers.

There are soooo many other good ones….but as always, I had to get a few random teasers up.
Hope you like ’em. 🙂

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  • Julie - These are amazing! And the candid of the horse yawning, priceless!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I checked out the links you left and love em all! By the way, I’m from MO…Bonne Terre. You familiar with that area?ReplyCancel

  • Lacy - ACK! I love Devil’s icebox. You have no idea how excited I am to “meet” another photographer from columbia thru flickr! yayhoo!ReplyCancel

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