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Kansas City/Louisville Extreme Bridal Session: Kinda hot for being my bro

I thought it would be challenging to orchestrate a photo shoot with my brother and his new wife (the day after their wedding) that would bring out their chemistry. I mean…it’s my brother! I mean really…could I make them look sexy…for two hours??? 

I brought along my trusted assistant…my husband. I thought…why not make it a familial event?
 Isn’t he cute? (and be sure to see all of us in the one on the right)
DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-T&W-DA-1.jpgDarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-T&W-DA-5.jpg

We started the shoot across from Wendy’s parents’ house outside Louisville (Fisherville, I think…to be exact). This tiny lil meadow-like patch was perfect! And I soon learned that all my concerns were for naught. They BROUGHT the sexiness. And more!

DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-T&W-DA-2.jpgDarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-T&W-DA-3.jpg

DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-T&W-DA-4.jpg

Scrumptious lighting!!
DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-T&W-DA-6.jpg

We then found an awesome piece of land, rife with shooting opportunities…rustic buildings and greenery alike. We asked the owner if we could have at it…and he was such a dear and said go for it. So go for it we did. And not long into it…we had a visitor.

DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-T&W-DA-7.jpg

I have other images without my feet..but here is a family portrait of sorts. haha
DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-T&W-DA-8.jpg

The cat stayed around us the entire shoot. Neil was pleasantly distracted and the furry thing became his buddy. So Neil did what any logical 30-year-old would do. He named the cat. Meet Frank-N-Beans.
DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-T&W-DA-30.jpg

Oh right…my brother and Wendy. Here we go… some more loveliness.

 DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-T&W-DA-9.jpgDarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-T&W-DA-10.jpg

They didn’t heed the warning. They were SMOKIN’ HOT!!!
DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-T&W-DA-11.jpg

DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-T&W-DA-12.jpgDarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-T&W-DA-13.jpg

This makes me think that Wendy will be protected for the rest of her life…
DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-T&W-DA-14.jpgDarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-T&W-DA-15.jpg
DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-T&W-DA-16.jpg

This is the REAL EVERYDAY them. SO much laughter.
DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-T&W-DA-17.jpg

DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-T&W-DA-18.jpg

I bet one of the moms frames this one…
DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-T&W-DA-19.jpg

DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-T&W-DA-20.jpg

DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-T&W-DA-21.jpgDarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-T&W-DA-22.jpg

DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-T&W-DA-23.jpg

Jumping pics, yes they can get old. But I just want to post this one so we can laugh at the face on my brother. So…laugh with me, okay?

DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-T&W-DA-24.jpg

DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-T&W-DA-25.jpgDarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-T&W-DA-26.jpg

I love  these two for the contrast in moods.
DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-T&W-DA-27.jpgDarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-T&W-DA-28.jpg

Mom..and Wendy…this one is for you. 🙂
DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-T&W-DA-29.jpg

I want to know what tree this is…cuz it has heart-shaped leaves!!! 
DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-T&W-DA-31.jpgDarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-T&W-DA-32.jpg

Just for laughs..
DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-T&W-DA-33.jpg

We headed back to her parents’ place, but made one last stop before the it got dark. DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-T&W-DA-34.jpg
DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-T&W-DA-35.jpg

Troy & Wendy–you did it. You rocked an extreme bridal session. You were sexy. Cute. In love. ALL IN FRONT OF YOUR SISTER!!! And now, you will most likely see your images splattered through out my site and marketing materials cuz you were THAT darling together. Thank you for hiring me. Some people don’t like shooting family and friends. But I truly do feel honored.

Luv ya both!! xoxo
Now…please please please drop some comment madness on this post because they deserve it!!! 

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  • Liz Leighton - Oh wow! Gamut of emotions from pure fun to pure love! Awesome session with your brother and his beautiful wife. They both have amazing eyes!!

    Love the "Adam and Eve" shot 😉ReplyCancel

  • Emily - Love all of these! What a cute couple!ReplyCancel

  • Groom - WOW this is by far the best blog post you've ever done. Thanks so much we had a lot of fun doing it despite the humidity and the hangover!ReplyCancel

  • snowfalldesigns - I love your stuff and I'm inspired by it before every shoot I do! BTW, that looks like it is a catalpa tree – I have one in my yard and it has beautiful sticky blooms!ReplyCancel

  • sarah spizzirri - Great pictures guys. Love the jumping one and the Adam and Eve… too funny. Those colors are gorgeous!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah - Beautiful pictures, Darbi! What a gorgeous couple!!ReplyCancel

  • Jana Maries Photography - Uww uww Darbi! I love the ones with the red doors. So perty. And nice touch on the Adam and Eve. You are just as cool as ever. And I'm really jealous I haven't shot with you yet 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Mom G - Oh Gosh! These are gorgeous! Beautiful Bride and Handsome Groom. Yes, the one you said the Moms would frame – is is perfect, beautiful! Love the Adam and Eve one. Troy and Wendy – your smile says it all. Darbi, you did a beautiful job as always!ReplyCancel

  • Erika Jackson - Gorgeous! So many great ones. You are right – Wendy & your mom WILL love the one of Troy. He's cute 😉 Well done!!ReplyCancel

  • Temple & Nick - I have to agree with Sarah S! The jumping one and the Adam and Eve one CRACKED ME UP. The rest are completely smashing…but those were funny. Darbi you did a great job, as usual. And troy. It is the best WEDDING/DAY AFTER post. Dont' forget Cailin's pics! :)~ReplyCancel

  • Bringing Pretty Back - These are the best weedding photo's ever! The leaves almost took me out! HILARIOUS!!! I honestly can't decide which one I love best! You have incredible talent!
    By the way~ I met Troy in Vegas while we were there for a convention my hubby went to and I tagged along. He is so nice! He deserves all of the happiness in the world with his new bride!She is gorgeous!
    Have a pretty day

  • Rebecca Allen Photography - Nice shoot, Darbi. I agree, the tree with the heart shape leaves is a Catalpa tree. We have a few in our backyard. Love your creativity!ReplyCancel

  • Bethany - These are so awesome! I never get tired of looking at your blog. And, may I just say, I am also 30ish, and I also name any animals that decide to hang around me. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Clary - Love all these shots BUT the adam and eve had me loling:DReplyCancel