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{Connection} Play time with the O family

It does something funny to my head when I feel the warmth of my space heater at my ankles while I sip on a hot beverage and hear the wind outside cause the bare branches to tap against my window… when I at the same time am posting a blog where the family is wearing sleeveless shirts and being frisky in warm sunshine. Sigh. How I miss it already.

You’ve seen this family before if you’re a faithful blog-watcher… This is Danielle & Andrew…and their ornery gob of fun, Peighton. She was just as fun on this session as the last one, and she kept me on my toes. Her good mood lasted about 45 minutes longer than the average toddler. So this enabled our session at Deanna Rose Farmstead to yield some great, playful images of her with her beloved parents.

The secret word for the shoot was TOODLES, from Mickey Mouse Club. If I said that, I was guaranteed a smile. 😉 She is an MMC fan, that’s for sure.

So if you’re cold…look at these pics. And if you’re needing a smile, try to say “toodles” in a high-pitched sing-songy voice … in the mirror… and if you don’t crack a grin, you might need to have someone tickle you. 😉

xo to the O family!


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  • Darbi's Mom - Aw-w-w-w! What adorable pictures! Peighton is so cute! Great pictures of this family, Darbi! Beautiful job once again!ReplyCancel