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{Connection} a Mini with a growing family

Here is good perspective on how behind I am with blogs STILL. Yep, I am sick of singing the same tune, too. But in this session, Lara was pregnant with Baby Girl #2. And now Baby Girl #2 is getting her license.

Just kidding. I don’t suck at blogging THAT Much. 😉 But Emmeline WAS born in mid December, so she’s now almost 4 months old. Lara can’t imagine her life any different than it is now, but rewind with us…back to October, when Carys was the only ray of sunshine that she could bask in. Now, she has TWO. Carys is a sister, and Lara and Chris are now parents to two kiddos. I am so grateful to know such an adorable, fun, loving family of FOUR. I haven’t been able to meet Emmeline yet since they live in Omaha, but am excited to do so in April.

So enjoy the craziness and fun and adorableness that this toddler brings to my blog….



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  • Darbi's Mom - Cute, Adorable, Beautiful Family! Darbi, great job!ReplyCancel

  • Cindy G - Adorable! Can’t believe how Carys has grown!( since I last saw her at Wendy’s baby shower!) what a sweet family! Great “fun” in e pics, Darbi! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Lara - You know I love these beyond belief! Thank you so much for being a wonderful friend as well as a great photographer! You have a nice camera. 😉ReplyCancel