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{CONNECTION} In-home family photos with the S family

Admittedly, the months of January-March are a Midwest on-location photographer’s slow season. Fewer couples get married when wintry weather is a risk, and families aren’t jumping at the chance to get in front of the lens for an outdoor shoot when they can see their own breath and might not be able to feel their own noses after a few minutes.

And if I’m honest, *I* don’t love shooting when it gets below 34 degrees because cameras tend to act up, my numb fingers get clumsy, and my momentum is busted when I have to continually remind my clients to relax and try to not look cold. ha This is all combined with the fact that Kansas City has next to zero options for shooting indoors for those of us whose approach to photography doesn’t require a studio so as to foster more natural moments in between the posed traditional pics.

BUT… all of this is moot if a client has a home that not only has ample light but is furnished and decorated in a way that conveys the personalities of those living there. Because then we can shoot IN the home. And the family members can unzip their true selves in their own element… which makes my heart SO delighted.

So when the S family of four got on my docket for a shoot in late February, I was pumped. Elizabeth, the mom, ruefully told me that they hadn’t had any professional photos since William, the youngest (who is nearly 2!!) was born. So she told me to definitely hone in on him… which was NOT a problem because as his mom so perfectly put it, “he’s got curls to die for!”

Hanging out with this family was NONSTOP… fun. Sweetness. Cuteness. and let’s be honest: chaos. And that’s JUST the way I love it because it’s REAL. So please enjoy looking at these images from their at-home session… and meet the two little boys who won me over, within SECONDS of walking through the door. (and a special thank you goes to their nanny, AnnMarie, who was there to help corral the whippersnappers!!)

This is Maxwell & William.

Kansas City Family photographer Kansas City Family photographer Kansas City Family photographer Kansas City Family photographer Elizabeth told me that Maxwell is fascinated with the ballet after having seen THE NUTCRACKER last year. I happened to have this picture book in my Usborne Books & More inventory (in case you didn’t know that…I’m a consultant for Usborne) and thought it would be perfect… and an aid in getting him to warm up to me in case he was shy (he wasn’t.) Well, lo and behold, Maxwell squealed when he saw it because they have the SAME book, in a Noisy book form, already! And in this case, it’s a good thing we had two of them because you know how little brothers always want what big brothers have? Well, yep. These two were no different.Kansas City Family photographer Kansas City Family photographer William didn’t want to listen. You know, because he’s almost 2. And his tantrums… well, let’s just say…he’s so adorable that they are cute! 😉
Kansas City Family photographer I always like getting a pic of mom & dad together, pretending that they aren’t snuggling to a cacophony of their rambunctious children.
Kansas City Family photographer one of my faves is below!!Kansas City Family photographer


When I first got to the house, Maxwell’s nanny was there to help for a bit, and she had suggested that while I did my look around to scout out places to shoot, that Maxwell keep track of my ideas. And being 4, he can’t quite write, but he pretended to…and then he would go check off the places on his list (greeting card). I thought it was SO cute! Kansas City Family photographer This right here…something tells me THIS is a good snapshot of this chapter in their lives. 😉 Kansas City Family photographer Kansas City Family photographer Kansas City Family photographer Kansas City Family photographer i don’t think this fam pic below could get any more perfect in MY eyes. This toy room was a dream to shoot in. And this family….well…look at them! Kansas City Family photographer Kansas city family photosKansas city family photosPossibly one of my fave series EVER. Kansas city family photosKansas city family photosAnother favorite from the session. This is love, guys. LOVE. Sady fam collage 20Kansas city family photosKansas city family photosKansas city family photosKansas city family photosKansas city family photos

Thank you Elizabeth and Tim for inviting me into your home to hear the giggles, witness the endearing craziness and document the special family that you are.




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