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{Connection} The REAL F family

I am straying from my “catch-up posts” because I am thinking I’ll fill in with the ones that have gotten stuck in queue, but since this is a brand new session, I’ll start fresh here and try to keep up SOMEwhat for the start of this shoot season. So if you’re reading this and you’ve yet to be blogged from 2012 or earlier this year, hang tight!! 🙂

So anyway…. This family has become so special to me… My first shoot with them was in the late summer of 2011.

Since then, I have photographed them 3 other times. Today’s post marks the FIFTH time in less than 2 years that I have turned my lens on them. If ever a family existed that truly understands the value in capturing the early milestones of their beloved children, it is this one. And through these shoots, I have fallen head over heels for Adelyn (2 and a half) and Kate (who just turned 1), in addition to forminga kinship with Laura & Chris…one that has bloomed into a friendship. I couldn’t want better clients…. they are the epitome of the type of family I want to attract with my lifestyle photography.

Yeah, yeah, yeah…they are cute. That’s just a plus. The other reasons are as follows:

1. They “get” what it means to truly connect with the one they trust to document their family.

2. They appreciate photos  don’t always have to look picture-perfect to a stranger’s eye. There are no fronts with them.

3. They might trade in the girls’ daycare play clothes for darling attire, but do not be fooled. This family of four is so real, so genuine, so full of love and patience, that I admire them through and through.

4. I was excited that for this session, they opted to invite me into their home. I wasn’t there more than 90 minutes for this shoot. But in that 90 minutes, our goal was to merely hang out and not push any major photographic agenda. You know how rare that is?

5. Their favorite images from the day won’t be the same as other people’s favorites. They value the images, they FRAME the images, that speak to them as a family full of love, ornery lil’ girls, and delightful smiles. My heart sighs when I get the inevitable email from Laura that outlines which pics she will treasure most and why. (Yes, Laura, that means I’m expecting yet another one! hahaha)

So when you look at these images, look at them from the perspective of the mom and dad…who admit without shame that their life is a bit unmanageable at times, outright chaotic at others, but it’s always always always cherished.

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  • Darbi's Mom - Oh yes, I remember this family so well! Adorable they are! The oldest one looks just like Daddy and the little one looks just like Mommy. YOu did a beautiful job, Darbi of catching what happens on a daily basis in a busy home where there are little ones. Gorgeous!ReplyCancel