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{Connection} The Y family…Logan turns 1!

Jennifer and I go way back. She was my buddy at my first job out of college (working for the Missouri Senate communications office). After I left, she gradually moved up the ladder and is now the director there. We remained pals, despite my move to Kansas City in 2009. There isn’t a whole lot I missed about Columbia, Mo. But I do miss Jennifer. She and her husband, Steven, now are parents of TWO, so I have turned to her time and again with my own questions and stories about parenting. She is a pep talker, a great listener, and I hope someday we end up in the same city again. 🙂

Molly, who turned 2 in March, is an ornery, sweet little girl who LOVES her new role of being a big sister. Logan turned 1 in September, and is already catching on to things his sister does. He is such a mellow, smiley, bright kiddo, and I know that Weston and these two are going to have some fun in the future together!!!

Hanging out with these four that chilly morning in September was a riot. I just wanted to hug them all, but instead, I photographed them being the silly lil’ family that they are. I think these pics do a good job in encapsulating the love that is abundant in this family, as well as the relationship between Molly & Logan as they drive their parents mad one minute, and fill them with pride the next, with their hilarious sister-brother antics.

We never did succeed in getting a perfect pic of just the two of them… but that’s the nature of the beast of two toddlers mixed with cold weather and minds of their own. 😉


I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! XOKansasCityfamilyphotography-Yfam-001KansasCityfamilyphotography-Yfam-002KansasCityfamilyphotography-Yfam-003KansasCityfamilyphotography-Yfam-004KansasCityfamilyphotography-Yfam-005KansasCityfamilyphotography-Yfam-006KansasCityfamilyphotography-Yfam-007

One of my fave pics ever below!!!KansasCityfamilyphotography-Yfam-008And these next two were very representative of our shoot. 😉 His expressions are priceless.KansasCityfamilyphotography-Yfam-009KansasCityfamilyphotography-Yfam-010KansasCityfamilyphotography-Yfam-011KansasCityfamilyphotography-Yfam-012KansasCityfamilyphotography-Yfam-013KansasCityfamilyphotography-Yfam-014KansasCityfamilyphotography-Yfam-015KansasCityfamilyphotography-Yfam-016


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  • Jennifer Yaple - Smiling ear to ear as I relive this day through these pictures! LOVE THEM!!! Thank you so much for caputuring the moments that make us a family 🙂 Love ya!!!ReplyCancel