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{Connection} Two of my fave Omaha Minis

I did my 4th annual Omaha mini sessions this October, and i think we had the best weather we’ve had in all those years. SCORE.

I have so many favorite pics to share, but for now, we’ll stick with these 2 sessions. One took place on Saturday and one on Sunday. One is a family of 4 whom I’ve shot all 4 years. The other is a family of 3, soon to be 4, who have never before been in front of my camera. My sister works with one of the families; the other, I went to school with the parents. I share these two sessions with you today to show you how different, yet the same they are. How you can feel love in the photos, they might make you smile, or catch your breath. They might have gone as planned or been a spontaneous capture. But either way, I guarantee the parents will cherish these photos of their kids, and the kids will later cherish the photos of their family.

Thank you to the Erb family…and the Kresha family. I hope we continue the annual tradition 😉

First up…the familiar, lovely….adorable…and FUN…family of the ERBS.


the pic on the left…Cullen was done. He was near tears…but then, his parents promised new boots AND candy…and boom… he turned it on for one more with his sister!!! 😉



And then Julia… and her parents. They both went to high school with me… Katie was always the most bubbly, cheerful ball of fun. So I was expecting the same from her daughter. But at first, she was not happy to be there. (And not because she’s getting a little brother…) 😉  She just didn’t want to play with me. SOB. 😉
DarbiGPhotography-Omaha-minisessions-012But I took Julia away for a few to just hang out with her, and YAY…she became the sunshiney girl I knew she was. And the rest of the session went well! Love her big blue eyes and scrumptious cheeks. 🙂  (And Dan’s great hair!!!! Am I right?)  Katie,  you all are so darling…and I can’t wait to hear the news when your lil’ man comes into this world!!! DarbiGPhotography-Omaha-minisessions-013DarbiGPhotography-Omaha-minisessions-014DarbiGPhotography-Omaha-minisessions-015DarbiGPhotography-Omaha-minisessions-016DarbiGPhotography-Omaha-minisessions-017DarbiGPhotography-Omaha-minisessions-018DarbiGPhotography-Omaha-minisessions-019DarbiGPhotography-Omaha-minisessions-020

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  • troy - I agree, Dan does have dreamy hair…ReplyCancel

  • Darbi's Mom - Oh my gosh, these are BEAUTIFUL! Adorable families! Darbi, you did a wonderful job of capturing the moments that will be cherished forever by the parents! Yes, Dan does have beautiful hair!ReplyCancel