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Kansas City newborn & family photography session: Baby Elliot & Ashlyn

This session was a special one for me… it is the first newborn BOY that I’ve photographed. I can’t believe it myself that it took this long. But wow….I couldn’t have asked for a better lil’ guy to start out with. 

HIs mom contacted me a few months ago and was adamant about getting one photo in particular at the request of her 4-yr-old daughter, Ashlyn. It was the teacup shot. 

I had no prob getting that prop out when they came all the way from Columbia for the photo shoot at my home here in Kansas City. So we’ll start with that one… to introduce Elliot–with a head full of glorious hair at the age of 12 days old! When born, he weighed in at 20.5 inches, 7lbs 5oz. 🙂

DarbiGPhotograph-KansasCity family newborn photographer-105

DarbiGPhotograph-KansasCity family newborn photographer-106DarbiGPhotograph-KansasCity family newborn photographer-107
If he’s anything like his sister, he will be ornery, precocious and darling to work with. 🙂 This is Ashlyn, who was quite the helper for the shoot. 

DarbiGPhotograph-KansasCity family newborn photographer-100

DarbiGPhotograph-KansasCity family newborn photographer-1

Dont’ be fooled by those angelic smiles. She can be a little squirt. She can even sing AND dance to rap songs!!!

DarbiGPhotograph-KansasCity family newborn photographer-102DarbiGPhotograph-KansasCity family newborn photographer-103DarbiGPhotograph-KansasCity family newborn photographer-104

Ok, so back to Elliot for awhile. With a hint of a smile….
DarbiGPhotograph-KansasCity family newborn photographer-108DarbiGPhotograph-KansasCity family newborn photographer-110
I hunted down this baby bonnet because E’s room is decorated in airplanes.
DarbiGPhotograph-KansasCity family newborn photographer-109
And we think the scale might be off a bit…or maybe the blanket he’s lying on is heavy. 😉
DarbiGPhotograph-KansasCity family newborn photographer-111 DarbiGPhotograph-KansasCity family newborn photographer-112

DarbiGPhotograph-KansasCity family newborn photographer-113

I can’t resist baby rolls…. 🙂
DarbiGPhotograph-KansasCity family newborn photographer-114
Two of my faves…just because he looks so tuckered out…and peaceful.
DarbiGPhotograph-KansasCity family newborn photographer-116DarbiGPhotograph-KansasCity family newborn photographer-115

Again, we focus on Ashlyn, who by the way, kept reapplying her “lip gloss” throughout the shoot. ANDDDDD…she took the suggestion of a photographer (who shall remain nameless) and applied some of the lovely glittery lip goo to her daddy. He LOVED IT.
DarbiGPhotograph-KansasCity family newborn photographer-117DarbiGPhotograph-KansasCity family newborn photographer-127

I can totally tell E & A are related…See the resemblance??? 🙂
DarbiGPhotograph-KansasCity family newborn photographer-118DarbiGPhotograph-KansasCity family newborn photographer-119

DarbiGPhotograph-KansasCity family newborn photographer-120DarbiGPhotograph-KansasCity family newborn photographer-121

Such a big sister!! I kept asking if I could trade things for her baby brother. I offered a blanket. She said NO. And then she informed me I don’t need Elliot because I have a husband and Kramer. hahaha
DarbiGPhotograph-KansasCity family newborn photographer-122DarbiGPhotograph-KansasCity family newborn photographer-123
Be still my heart…siblings!!!!
DarbiGPhotograph-KansasCity family newborn photographer-124DarbiGPhotograph-KansasCity family newborn photographer-125
A fave…mostly because Patrick did this without being asked. In fact, he wasn’t supposed to even be in the frame. haha
DarbiGPhotograph-KansasCity family newborn photographer-128

DarbiGPhotograph-KansasCity family newborn photographer-129DarbiGPhotograph-KansasCity family newborn photographer-130

LOVE. Would love to have a photo of this with me and MY mom.
DarbiGPhotograph-KansasCity family newborn photographer-131

DarbiGPhotograph-KansasCity family newborn photographer-132DarbiGPhotograph-KansasCity family newborn photographer-133

She’s a fun one…
DarbiGPhotograph-KansasCity family newborn photographer-134
And a darling one…

DarbiGPhotograph-KansasCity family newborn photographer-135
Just like her baby bro.

DarbiGPhotograph-KansasCity family newborn photographer-137

DarbiGPhotograph-KansasCity family newborn photographer-139DarbiGPhotograph-KansasCity family newborn photographer-140

And we will close with this one….

DarbiGPhotograph-KansasCity family newborn photographer-141

Since he said so…
DarbiGPhotograph-KansasCity family newborn photographer-142And that is a wrap folks.

C family, thank you soooo much for doing me the honors of capturing such wonderful moments of your growing family. I had so much fun…and am so very happy with the images we got! I hope you are too!!!!!! 
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  • Anonymous - Wow!!! Those pics are incredible! Makes me want to pop out a kid or something, just to have something THAT cute!!!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Love these! You did a fantastic job, as always. 🙂


  • Anonymous - AMAZING, as usual!!! You have such an amazing gift! And what a cutie with all that hair! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Sarah Weeks - Those are awesome. Their family is so precious! Great job!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - These are absolutely amazing!ReplyCancel

  • Kellie Carter - Absolutely Beautiful!! Each image made me smile!!!

  • Mom - OH my gosh! These are beautiful! Mom and Dad you have a gorgeous little girl and a very handsome little guy! Darbi, you are an amazing photographer! You did great!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - C family—omg. My friend and I are very much in love with Elliott. Seriously addicted. I'm Darbi's sister. We love his hair, smile, cuteness…all of it. Your family is gorgeous, but he just makes us smile. My daughter was the 1st one in that teacup so it's nice to see it getting used again!—TempleReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Love love love. I can't stop looking at them! CanNOT wait for the rest! You're a rockstar.
    Elliot and Fam.ReplyCancel

  • kristin schierding - Oh my gosh Darbi! Those are precious! I cannot wait to do big sis pics with Eleanor someday :). Great work!ReplyCancel

  • Pamela - oh wow! they are going to treasure these photos forever.ReplyCancel

  • Darbi G. Photography - Awww, thanks all! I can't deny how utterly adorable the entire family is. Wow. I lucked out!!! Thank you for coming by… 😉ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - OMG!! That is the cutest baby I have ever seen! He has so much hair!! Great job, Darbi!ReplyCancel

  • Holly - Great job, Darbi. I love this session!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - These are perfect!! I would say amazing, but it looks like everyone else has made that comment. He his a beautiful baby. I love the tea cup!

  • Anonymous - WoW! These are absolutely fantastic — I wish you had been around when my grandkids were babies. You have an amazing gift to capture your subjects and make them "pop"! pJReplyCancel

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