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The Best of 2007

My first year calling myself a “photographer, for real” has been a success. I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to capture beautiful families, couples and weddings. Initially I had wanted to limit myself to an average of one session a month since I have a full-time job that has nothing to do with photography. But it didn’t happen like that.
I’ve culled down the thousands (yes, thousands) of pictures I’ve taken this year for others and have chosen one picture from each session. It’s hard to pick favorites, as I’m sure mothers and fathers everywhere can understand. And these images are like my babies… So for each session, if I had more than one absolute favorite, I randomly selected ONE from the faves. And here they are…. in order of time of year. If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ve probably seen most of them before on previous posts.

Ok, this first one actually was taken in 2006. But had I not taken the Q’s holiday pictures, I might not have realized that photography is something I really should be doing. This was taken on my point-and-shoot camera… so that is why it’s grainy. I couldn’t get enough light to have a fast shutter-speed…and I really needed a fast shutter speed to catch lil J in action. But it’s still a fave…
Kissing daddy...

Mrs. Q was pregnant at the time with a baby girl. She wanted me to document the beauty of her pregnancy. It was my first professional shoot…with my Canon XTI…and all natural lighting, coming in from the windows. Thankfully, it had snowed A LOT the night before, and snow provides a great reflector!
IMG_0359 O soft

A friend asked me to take some pictures of a band he was playing in at the Martini Bar in Columbia, Mo. This is my fave shot from the night. It’s the Baub Eis Band….Baub Eis himself.
Baub Eis

I’ve taken A LOT of pictures of Confident Years, my fiance’s band. And I have a lot of faves. I’m not sure this is the best I’ve taken of my lil’ drummer boy, but I love how I captured him in the throes of drumming. He looks so fierce.
CY feb 21-36

Well, Baby R Q came on Valentine’s Day. And two weeks later, I went back to the Q’s house to document her tiny-ness. This was a heartwarming moment between mother and daughter.
IMG_2626 1

I had so many good ones come from a session with the V family in Jefferson City. Lil’ girl L was so ornery. And it worked so well because there were A LOT of cute expressions to catch. This is one of my many faves from that day. You’ll recognize her from my site and the blogger heading.
5182-rusty cage (softlight)

This is the vocalist and guitarist, Church, from Treasure Junkie.
Treasure Junkies Blue Note -2-73

Baby J has captured my heart. She is the niece of a dear friend of mine. She had WAY too many good pics to choose from, but this was A fave.

This is Baby RQ again.
0720IMG_8773 copy

Ok…so you know Baby RQ and JQ? Well, this is their mom. The one who was el preggo a few sessions back. She decided to live a little in her wedding dress. And with her short hair, her PF Flyer shoes, and her natural ability to work the camera… she rocked it…in a punk-like way. 🙂
I think the session was my favorite session I’ve done so far. Even though it was a scorching 101 degrees out…
IMG_9381 copy

My pal/officemate and her man booked me for their wedding in April. But first came the e-pics. You might have already seen this one in the original post about them. But it’s ONE of my favorites from that day. It shows that sometimes, what you DON’T focus on is the most important.

And I absolutely love this couple. Stephanie and Brad were too cute. I was so glad for that. And so glad that she did her nails. And that there was a rip in her jeans. 🙂
C All that matters

Nealie and Johnathan were so much fun as well. And this photo really is one of my all-time faves.

This is the same chalkboard. But a very different session. The H family was darling times ten.
_MG_2781 bw

The prettiest hair color and the spunkiest personality came when I captured the P family. Lil A was mischievious and precious all at the same time. This photo says it all. I think right after I snapped this frame, she stuck her tongue out and ran off.
1014 Poole-2077

Nealie and Johnathan sealed the deal in October. And though I had a number of faves, something about this picture has implanted itself in my head. 1020 Lingo-Bear 2-2224

And then who can forget the dog pile at Devin and Jeanette’s wedding in St. Louis when I second shot for Clary Pfeiffer.
DJ WEDDING 0366 bw

And then the M family with Baby J again…her six-month pictures..at a park. She loved the leaves. I love this family! I have another session coming up with them in March!


Erin and Jay, who are getting hitched one month before me in the same church I am, had a fantastic engagement session, despite the cold! Originally I was worried that Jay wouldn’t be able to match Erin’s level of energy in the pictures, but my worries were unfounded. He brought it!


I second shot a few weeks later for Harrison Sweazea and I caught this stolen moment in the church with Missy and Gary.
DG 1117-7433

The Q family once again…in December. 🙂

And finally, a photo I’m proud of from the most recent wedding I shot in December. (posted TWO times about it before)… This is Stephanie and Brad. So sexy.

6 A 1215 Twigg IMG_2309 8x10

It has been such a great first year for me. I thank everyone who has supported me. Everyone who has convinced me I should do this full time. Because I will, darn it… someday. (No “someday starts today” jokes, please.) 🙂
I also thank the photographers who have “mentored” me along the way. Advice and ideas and inspiration are valuable tools in this industry. I hope I can be that helpful to someone at some point in time.

I am currently working on revamping my site to have a wedding-specific one and a lifestyle-specific one so hang tight. My next session is in two weeks with the Q family (I’m getting sick of them. Just kidding!!) and I’m booked through the end of June.

Here’s to a great 2008! I’ll be posting again soon. 🙂

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  • Tisha - Ah! What a great year for Darbi G Photography!

    We have gotten such joy from having you capture our lives over the past year. You’ve documented our babies growing up, and that is truly priceless.

    As I’ve said before… you are my favorite artist.
    Love you!
    The Q’sReplyCancel

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