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The R Fam: Where benevolence meets adorableness

Several months ago, I donated a family session to a charity fundraiser auction for the husband of one of my mom’s friends, also named DARBI!!! Darbi’s husband, Cody, has a brain tumor, and treatment at the Mayo Clinic is excruciatingly expensive. I always feel so helpless when people I know are going through something so challenging, so the least I could do was contribute something to help raise money.

I got an email shortly after the auction from Laura who wanted to set up the photography session she had bid on, and won! It was going to be her, as well as her two kids, Jack and Josie.

I showed up at Elmwood Park in Omaha…and literally squealed when I saw them. HOLY CUTE KIDS!!!!!
They were precocious…and delightful. And made their mom jump up and down looking like a fool to get them to smile. Again. And again. Here are some of my faves of the MANY images that are toooooo cute! I hope you love them!

lowresDarbiGPhotography-Ritter Family-101lowresDarbiGPhotography-Ritter Family-114

lowresDarbiGPhotography-Ritter Family-103lowresDarbiGPhotography-Ritter Family-107

lowresDarbiGPhotography-Ritter Family-144lowresDarbiGPhotography-Ritter Family-129

one of my faves is on the left!!! It foreshadows the big-brother protection that Jack will surely unleash as Josie grows!!
lowresDarbiGPhotography-Ritter Family-151lowresDarbiGPhotography-Ritter Family-153

Sometimes, it’s the non-smiling moments I love best.
lowresDarbiGPhotography-Ritter Family-108

lowresDarbiGPhotography-Ritter Family-155lowresDarbiGPhotography-Ritter Family-156

lowresDarbiGPhotography-Ritter Family-123lowresDarbiGPhotography-Ritter Family-122

lowresDarbiGPhotography-Ritter Family-163

lowresDarbiGPhotography-Ritter Family-168

And them pretending to play a bit nicer… 😉

lowresDarbiGPhotography-Ritter Family-169

lowresDarbiGPhotography-Ritter Family-179lowresDarbiGPhotography-Ritter Family-180

Here are the flowers they picked to give to their dad since he was unable to make it to the shoot. I hope he liked them!!!
lowresDarbiGPhotography-Ritter Family-187lowresDarbiGPhotography-Ritter Family-193

lowresDarbiGPhotography-Ritter Family-190lowresDarbiGPhotography-Ritter Family-208

And this one makes me laugh. I asked them to just be silly and loving with their mom. Clearly they have something with noses. 🙂

lowresDarbiGPhotography-Ritter Family-206

lowresDarbiGPhotography-Ritter Family-200

Laura, Jack & Josie…thank you so much for traveling into Omaha for this shoot!!! Thank you for bidding on the session in the name of charity. And THANK YOU for being sooooo scrumptious for my camera. 🙂 Happy summer!!!!

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