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Omaha newborn session: Awake is the new sleep

My sister’s good friend had a baby on Nov. 6 at 7:23 p.m. She weighed in at 8 lbs, 11 oz., and was 21 inches long. But she’s more than just numbers…she’s a sweet baby girl who shall have no choice but to be pals with my sister’s baby, Cailin. And her name, her beautiful name…is Ireland Grace. Her nickname is just as cute: Iggy. DON’T YOU LOVE IT!??!

I will say, Ireland was a stubborn lady. She refused to sleep.
We tried. We tried. We tried. But she was so alert. But so cute regardless.

Darbi G Photography-Omaha-Kansas City-newborn-photographer-IGW-100Darbi G Photography-Omaha-Kansas City-newborn-photographer-IGW-106

She might look like she’s sleeping here…but she’s not. Trust me.

Darbi G Photography-Omaha-Kansas City-newborn-photographer-IGW-101

Darbi G Photography-Omaha-Kansas City-newborn-photographer-IGW-104Darbi G Photography-Omaha-Kansas City-newborn-photographer-IGW-109

See? She should be asleep right now… but no…must know what is going on! haha
Darbi G Photography-Omaha-Kansas City-newborn-photographer-IGW-116

At. All. Times.
Darbi G Photography-Omaha-Kansas City-newborn-photographer-IGW-118

Darbi G Photography-Omaha-Kansas City-newborn-photographer-IGW-132Darbi G Photography-Omaha-Kansas City-newborn-photographer-IGW-121Darbi G Photography-Omaha-Kansas City-newborn-photographer-IGW-124

But gosh, she’s cute when awake, no?

Darbi G Photography-Omaha-Kansas City-newborn-photographer-IGW-129Darbi G Photography-Omaha-Kansas City-newborn-photographer-IGW-134

Darbi G Photography-Omaha-Kansas City-newborn-photographer-IGW-136Darbi G Photography-Omaha-Kansas City-newborn-photographer-IGW-137

Mama took matters into her own hands then…
Darbi G Photography-Omaha-Kansas City-newborn-photographer-IGW-141

While she fed Ireland, I snapped a few of the adorableness that is her room.
Darbi G Photography-Omaha-Kansas City-newborn-photographer-IGW-110Darbi G Photography-Omaha-Kansas City-newborn-photographer-IGW-111Darbi G Photography-Omaha-Kansas City-newborn-photographer-IGW-112Darbi G Photography-Omaha-Kansas City-newborn-photographer-IGW-113

I know you’re dying to know…did it work? Did baby Ireland fall asleep??? Here is a clue….

Darbi G Photography-Omaha-Kansas City-newborn-photographer-IGW-157Darbi G Photography-Omaha-Kansas City-newborn-photographer-IGW-115


Darbi G Photography-Omaha-Kansas City-newborn-photographer-IGW-145

Darbi G Photography-Omaha-Kansas City-newborn-photographer-IGW-148

Darbi G Photography-Omaha-Kansas City-newborn-photographer-IGW-150

Darbi G Photography-Omaha-Kansas City-newborn-photographer-IGW-152Darbi G Photography-Omaha-Kansas City-newborn-photographer-IGW-151

Darbi G Photography-Omaha-Kansas City-newborn-photographer-IGW-156

Uh oh… I must have had too much fun without her awake because her eyes were back open…

Darbi G Photography-Omaha-Kansas City-newborn-photographer-IGW-159Darbi G Photography-Omaha-Kansas City-newborn-photographer-IGW-168

This crib was made by Ireland’s grandpa!! Quite the good job in woodworking, no?
Darbi G Photography-Omaha-Kansas City-newborn-photographer-IGW-161

Because she was disgruntled yet again… we tried one last outfit. And I’d say this might be a familiar face on Husker fans….

Darbi G Photography-Omaha-Kansas City-newborn-photographer-IGW-170

Natalie, Chuck and Ireland (and the kenneled dogs: Foxy, Uno and Norman!!!), thank you so much for inviting me into your home to document your beautiful, wakeful lil’ bundle of joy. She truly is a doll…and I can’t wait to watch her grow. Happy holidays!!!

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  • Kellie - Precious! Love everyone of them!!!ReplyCancel

  • Erika Jackson - These are beautiful, Darbi! Although I would suggest bringing a Mizzou outfit along. I think things would go much better 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Photography by Lara - Amazing job! She is absolutely darling!ReplyCancel

  • Temple & Nick - Darbi–Once again you did beautifully.
    Nat and Chuck–Thank you for letting me tag along with Darbi so I could spend some time with Ireland. I loved getting to see her and holding her.
    Ireland–I'm sure you and Cailin will be great friends for your entire lives, just as your mother and I have been for 1/2 of ours. I look forward to many years of you and Cailin playing together. You are very special and lucky to have your mommy.
    Love, TempleReplyCancel

  • Darbi G. Photography - Erika—I don't want my clients to FIRE me…haha
    And thank you ladies.ReplyCancel

  • Ashley - Oh wow. She is seriously PRECIOUS!!!! I love the green blanket ones. She looks like a little pod. 😉ReplyCancel

  • Jessica - These pictures are so beautiful!!!! Great job Darbi! Nat, I want to jump on a plane right now to come and see Ireland…miss you! CONGRATS!ReplyCancel

  • Clary - Ireland!! That is an awesome, awesome name and you know I love all the pictures. The favorites are the first few with the green and hat. So adorable.ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - I Love You Ireland!! The pictures are beautiful!!~Cousin Alyssa~ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - She is so adorable! Hope to get to see you all.

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