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A personal post…(recipes to return next Monday night!)

I had one of the best weekends. What a way to say farewell to October and hello to November. For starters….the WEATHER was yummy. And also my parents came down from Omaha to visit us!!! I requested that they dress up for Halloween even though we didn’t have much to do…and I was happy and proud of them that they actually did!!

Neil was a good sport as well…..can you tell?

Anyway… we all had tons of fun….my mom and dad learned to play Wii (bowling)…my Dad played Mario Kart with us….and they made our house feel even more like a home with their presence.

The weekend was also significant because this was the first birthday of mine that I got to be with my parents in a LONG time. I turned a fat 28 yesterday, November 1. AND….the best part? My adorable husband got me a kitten! We adopted him from the Belton Humane Society ( a no-kill shelter…YAY!) and I am on cloud 9 right now with my feline. His name is Kramer Hemi Hebrank. (Kramer was his brother’s name…and we thought it was HIS name until we went to adopt him…so by that time, it had grown on us…and it’s cool because it’s my mom’s maiden name…. the HEMI is coming from his incessant purring!!!!!)

Anyway…. enough jibber jabber. CHeck out the stud…



HE loves my red chair in my photo office….



Ok, and I might have bought him a collar that is very Darbi G. 😉


Expect to see more of Kramer!!! He’s my new lil’ buddy.

Anyway, hope all of you had a wonderful Halloween yourself!! REcipes will return next Monday!! 🙂

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  • Michelle - I have my own little cat buddy, Madison. She's been with me for 16 years. Every morning when I head down to my basement office, she tags along with me, and sleeps on the couch. I keep offering her miscellaneous office work, you know, filing and the like, so that she can earn her keep. But in true kitty fashion she's all "what, me work?" I'm sure Kramer will be a great buddy for you!ReplyCancel

  • Photography by Lara - He's DARLING! I can't wait to meet him!!ReplyCancel