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Carve-a-licious: Jack O Lantern time!

Two friends of Neil’s and mine came over tonight to begin baiting our Halloween spirits. I actually get in to Halloween festivities more now than I did when I was younger. I think for a few reasons. My birthday is the day after H-ween (Nov. 1)…so I’ve always had a love-hate thing with the hallo-day. See, growing up… I’d eat so much candy, that cake on my birthday was unappetizing. AND… as I got older, I could never get people to “go out” and celebrate my day of birth after having just partied it up the night before.
I know, I know, Christmas babies have their own complaints… but let me have mine, alright??? haha

I deal with it now and just give in to Oct. 31’s traditions instead.

So back on topic…

Here are the pumpkins we carved tonight.

Which one do you think is mine?

So??? Which one?
Neil’s is the Happy-Go-Lucky one.
If you guessed the first one…you are RIGHT! Her name is Krista. (I didn’t name her.)

The pattern was so intricate, that by the time I made it to the mouth, the other three knife-yielding participants were done and concentrating on their wine and the conversation. So I hurriedly finished the mouth.


I’ll post more pics later from the actual festivities on Friday night. Our friend, Beth, goes all out for the holiday and turns her sister’s house into something a bit too unbelievable. I’ll take my camera this year and try to do it justice.

(and…. you’ll find out what Neil and I are going as this year. Not quite as good as what we’ve been before…and not quite as good as we had wanted to do this year, but I caved in to someone who promised to join in the theme and then bailed after I had already bought the costumes! Love that. Sigh.)

Oh well…it will be FUNNNNNN!

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  • Erika Jackson - Nice work on the pumpkins! Yours was super impressive! Jake carved the Obama symbol too 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Troy G - K so i see what three of the four are…what the hell is tat second one… a Sunset? Very odd… who did that one…they should be fired.

    I think Neils is the bestReplyCancel