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The speech I’d have given if I’d have given a speech–at my bro’s wedding

My brother, Troy, helped himself to the microphone at Neil’s & my wedding. And 14 minutes later, everyone was looking around wondering who let the blubbering drunk guy command our attention. And then a minute later, everyone’s jaws dropped and the ears of youngun’s were covered in fear that Troy would spew forth any other hilariously inappropriate Troy-isms. I won’t repeat the string of slang words he used, but let’s just say that I think my grandma learned a few vocabulary words when Troy described the not-so-great girls he used to date. That sort of unexpectedness defines my brother. Heck, even his existence was unexpected. I was just 5 months old when my mom learned she was having another baby so soon. I was barely more than a year old when my lil’ brother was born. I think we got along really well for a few years. We were even kinda cute together as brother & sister. troy-wendy-fromdarbi-106troy-wendy-fromdarbi-108  
Being only 14 mos. apart, we were one another’s common playmate. I was no stranger to G.I. Joe or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But I also made sure that Troy did his fair share of playing things my way. I fed him dog food. And I begged him to play the Sweet Valley High board game with me. I think it was his idea though to play beauty shop.

As we grew a bit older, we reached that awkward age of hatred between siblings who are too close in age. I didn’t like him much, and vice versa. In my eyes, he had cooties– all the way through high school. Ok, so maybe I grew out of the cootie belief by then, but since my parents made us switch cars EVERY MONTH and because he was the “baby” of the family and the only “boy”…he always got his way. (Shush it, Troy…this is MY blog, so I get to tell things how I remember them. Don’t bother refuting these claims in a comment because I won’t approve it. Na na na na boo boo!! haha) So yeah, I wasn’t a huge fan.  But then we both went to different colleges in the Show-Me State…not being housemates anymore, we didn’t get on each other’s nerves nearly as much. I think both of us started looking at our relationship a bit differently. We were siblings. We were supposed to have one another’s back. We didn’t have to play beauty shop anymore, but we could still be pals. A few summers ago, he invited Neil & I out to his friend’s lakehouse. And that is when I met Wendy. Troy had met her the night before…and I think already at that point, he was a bit into her. She wasn’t exactly who I would have picked for him. Because…he is 6 ft. 4…and she is 4 ft. 10. AND…she was gorgeous. Way too gorgeous for my brother. haha

I remember talking to Wendy that night about how Neil and I ended up together. How it is so random that Neil is from Pennsylvania and I’m from Nebraska and we both ended up in Columbia. I remember her nodding emphatically…she said something about being from Louisville…and randomly choosing a Missouri graduate school. I remember her saying, “I still don’t know why I ended up here.”

Wendy, I think we all know why now. You were supposed to cross paths with Troy. You were supposed to find the guy that would make you laugh and roll your eyes. The guy who would jovially brag about your short stature. The guy who would later come to own the perfect canine mate for your own ball of fluff.

Needless to say…when my brother proposed last July, I wasn’t surprised. It just fit.

And I think it fit very well that they asked me to shoot their big day. It took place May 22, 2010 (the day after my niece’s first birthday!!) in Louisville, KY. I was so honored and so excited to be there, documenting the most important day of their love lives. And I was pumped to have the darling Kellie Carter to assist me that day.

So without further ado…here is my brother & WEndy’s wedding…a bright, colorful affair (they chose colors that originally I was scared of when I heard…but they ended up going together like…PEAS & CARROTS haha)

The salon had two furry cuties on site. 🙂 This one was exceptionally cute. 

DarbiGPHotography-Louisville wedding-Kansas City wedding photographer-TW-Blog1-100

DarbiGPHotography-Louisville wedding-Kansas City wedding photographer-TW-Blog1-102DarbiGPHotography-Louisville wedding-Kansas City wedding photographer-TW-Blog1-106

DarbiGPHotography-Louisville wedding-Kansas City wedding photographer-TW-Blog1-112DarbiGPHotography-Louisville wedding-Kansas City wedding photographer-TW-Blog1-114

Her makeup was airbrushed. First I’ve seen of it at a wedding!!
DarbiGPHotography-Louisville wedding-Kansas City wedding photographer-TW-Blog1-117DarbiGPHotography-Louisville wedding-Kansas City wedding photographer-TW-Blog1-120
DarbiGPHotography-Louisville wedding-Kansas City wedding photographer-TW-Blog1-122DarbiGPHotography-Louisville wedding-Kansas City wedding photographer-TW-Blog1-123

I’m a bit ashamed of my mom on the left. IS THAT A DISPOSABLE CAMERA?? WHAT KIND OF PHOTOGRAPHER’S MOTHER ARE YOU?? haha
DarbiGPHotography-Louisville wedding-Kansas City wedding photographer-TW-Blog1-159DarbiGPHotography-Louisville wedding-Kansas City wedding photographer-TW-Blog1-129

DarbiGPHotography-Louisville wedding-Kansas City wedding photographer-TW-Blog1-133DarbiGPHotography-Louisville wedding-Kansas City wedding photographer-TW-Blog1-134

DarbiGPHotography-Louisville wedding-Kansas City wedding photographer-TW-Blog1-140DarbiGPHotography-Louisville wedding-Kansas City wedding photographer-TW-Blog1-137

DarbiGPHotography-Louisville wedding-Kansas City wedding photographer-TW-Blog1-141

DarbiGPHotography-Louisville wedding-Kansas City wedding photographer-TW-Blog1-152

Kellie shot the boyzzzz….
DarbiGPHotography-Louisville wedding-Kansas City wedding photographer-TW-Blog1-135

And a really cool sister of Troy’s got the boys all lego cufflinks. The groomsmen wore orange. The groom wore green. Wow, that sister must REALLY be cool. Get them here!
DarbiGPHotography-Louisville wedding-Kansas City wedding photographer-TW-Blog1-144
Troy was always a curious lad.
DarbiGPHotography-Louisville wedding-Kansas City wedding photographer-TW-Blog1-145DarbiGPHotography-Louisville wedding-Kansas City wedding photographer-TW-Blog1-146

DarbiGPHotography-Louisville wedding-Kansas City wedding photographer-TW-Blog1-151DarbiGPHotography-Louisville wedding-Kansas City wedding photographer-TW-Blog1-154

Then I took the gentlemen out and about…Kinda dashing…for my fellow offspring.
DarbiGPHotography-Louisville wedding-Kansas City wedding photographer-TW-Blog1-162

DarbiGPHotography-Louisville wedding-Kansas City wedding photographer-TW-Blog1-163DarbiGPHotography-Louisville wedding-Kansas City wedding photographer-TW-Blog1-157

I’m putting these in here because Troy whined that the teaser slideshow I sent him didn’t have enough of Ryan or Chris.
DarbiGPhotography-blogpost2-kansas city louisville wedding photographer-300DarbiGPhotography-blogpost2-kansas city louisville wedding photographer-301

Getting ready to walk down the aisle is hard work. (Caught by KC)
DarbiGPHotography-Louisville wedding-Kansas City wedding photographer-TW-Blog1-165DarbiGPHotography-Louisville wedding-Kansas City wedding photographer-TW-Blog1-164

Her parents are similarily sized. It’s quite amusing seeing giant Troy added to the mix.
DarbiGPHotography-Louisville wedding-Kansas City wedding photographer-TW-Blog1-169

I kept telling Troy I knew he would cry when Wendy walked down the aisle. He kept telling me he wouldn’t since he wouldn’t be drunk or hung over. BUT GUESS WHO WAS RIGHT??

DarbiGPHotography-Louisville wedding-Kansas City wedding photographer-TW-Blog1-168

DarbiGPHotography-Louisville wedding-Kansas City wedding photographer-TW-Blog1-170

DarbiGPHotography-Louisville wedding-Kansas City wedding photographer-TW-Blog1-171DarbiGPHotography-Louisville wedding-Kansas City wedding photographer-TW-Blog1-173

DarbiGPHotography-Louisville wedding-Kansas City wedding photographer-TW-Blog1-176DarbiGPHotography-Louisville wedding-Kansas City wedding photographer-TW-Blog1-175

DarbiGPHotography-Louisville wedding-Kansas City wedding photographer-TW-Blog1-174

Kellie’s angle
DarbiGPHotography-Louisville wedding-Kansas City wedding photographer-TW-Blog1-177

I can’t remember the name of the place that we went next, after the ceremony…I’ll edit this once someone tells me. But it was gorgeous.(mine on the left, Kellie’s on the right)
DarbiGPHotography-Louisville wedding-Kansas City wedding photographer-TW-Blog1-180DarbiGPHotography-Louisville wedding-Kansas City wedding photographer-TW-Blog1-194

DarbiGPhotography-blogpost2-kansas city louisville wedding photographer-304DarbiGPHotography-Louisville wedding-Kansas City wedding photographer-TW-Blog1-183

DarbiGPHotography-Louisville wedding-Kansas City wedding photographer-TW-Blog1-182

Kellie’s angle. LOVE.
DarbiGPHotography-Louisville wedding-Kansas City wedding photographer-TW-Blog1-195

DarbiGPHotography-Louisville wedding-Kansas City wedding photographer-TW-Blog1-190

And then it was party time….
DarbiGPhotography-blogpost2-kansas city louisville wedding photographer-104DarbiGPhotography-blogpost2-kansas city louisville wedding photographer-106

DarbiGPhotography-blogpost2-kansas city louisville wedding photographer-114DarbiGPhotography-blogpost2-kansas city louisville wedding photographer-119

DarbiGPhotography-blogpost2-kansas city louisville wedding photographer-126DarbiGPhotography-blogpost2-kansas city louisville wedding photographer-128

DarbiGPhotography-blogpost2-kansas city louisville wedding photographer-138DarbiGPhotography-blogpost2-kansas city louisville wedding photographer-139

They made their own Kahlua as the parting gifts!!
DarbiGPhotography-blogpost2-kansas city louisville wedding photographer-100

Troy’s fave part of the dance…the CHICKEN DANCE. He waited all night for this.
DarbiGPhotography-blogpost2-kansas city louisville wedding photographer-143DarbiGPhotography-blogpost2-kansas city louisville wedding photographer-145

DarbiGPhotography-blogpost2-kansas city louisville wedding photographer-147DarbiGPhotography-blogpost2-kansas city louisville wedding photographer-149

And of course…the photographer and the couple…I look as tired as I was!! 😉
DarbiGPhotography-blogpost2-kansas city louisville wedding photographer-140

Teej & Wendy,
Thank you once again for hiring me to be more than just a guest at your wedding. I cannot express to you how happy I am that you each found a best friend in the other. And I look forward to many memories in the family. Troy–even though you may tower over your wife…her parents….me…and many others, you’ll always be my lil’ brother. BUTTTTT…I’d like to think that nowadays, if I were with a jerk, you would beat him up for me. Luckily, Neil is a sweetheart, so I guess I’ll never know. 😉

Love you both. Lots. xoxox

WANNA SEE MORE? CHeck out their slideshow.

ALSO…this isn’t the last you’ve seen of them. I will get their Day AFter session up soon.

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  • Sara Goers Olsen - Wonderful 'toast' as well as a lovely couple and beautiful pictures captured by an equally beautiful photographer. Congrats again, Wendy & Troy. Way to go, Darbi!ReplyCancel

  • omahadoulamom - You really do such amazing work! I loved all of these amazing pics from you little bros wedding! Wonderful job as always!ReplyCancel

  • Jess - Absolutely gorge photos!! Love the ones at whatever place that was 🙂 Also, how GREAT that their names together say "Trendy"!!ReplyCancel

  • Molly Lyn Photography - WOW! These are pretty much amazing!!!ReplyCancel

  • Mom Gibson - Oh gosh, as a Mom I have special rights to brag. What a beautiful couple, what a wonderful photographer. Wedding was beautiful. My kids are beautiful, have I said enough? Oh, and my hubby was beautiful in a couple even though he had one too many.ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - I get so excited when I see that you've shared new photos! These are truly amazing! What a gorgeous wedding and yes the bride is beautiful! The colors are so fun, love it! Thank you for sharing!ReplyCancel

  • Kellie Carter - Beautiful Darbi! I love them all! Thank you again for allowing me to shoot by your side during this special day for your family! I had an awesome time!!! <3 KellieReplyCancel

  • Nichole Manner - Darbi, as always….great job!!! And, I might add….LOVE the color choice! What a beautiful couple. Amazing images. Even more beautiful speech. I adore your way with words.

    I am shooting my little brother's wedding next July….theme…….polka dots…and she is wearing red shoes. 🙂 Here's to hoping I can channel some Darbi G. next July…..

    Great work!!!ReplyCancel

  • Trendy! - Tr- Wow absolutely wonderful…luckily you had a gorgeous bride to shoot. Made your job easier. The dog has nothing on Dozer by the way.

    The place was called the Louisville Water tower and we ended up there because our driver misinterpreted "waterfront"

    Thanks Darbi you did an amazing job!

    Endy-So pretty Darbi! What a talented, fabulous sister in law I now have. You are truly gifted with a talent that you adore doing. Thank you so much for everything you did (not just the pics, the invites, advice, etc.). You are the best. I love ya!ReplyCancel

  • DAD - Great shots. Nothing but the best from Darbig great looking couple you had as subjects. Wendy you looked bee you te full. Troy you looked very happy. Remember to always greet the one you love with a smile…. then give them hell….. DADReplyCancel

  • Brooke Stevens-Patrick - I am so in love with the lime green cufflink. These are so great Darbi! Just amazing!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah - GORGEOUS – All of it! Love, love, love the colors. Great job, Darbi!ReplyCancel

  • Jacquie Palma-Woods - I absolutely love these pics! I'm sure it was hard to pick only a handful to put on the blog. I love the color combo she picked!ReplyCancel

  • Darbi G. Photography - Jacquie–TROY is the one who picked the colors. hahahahaha odd, I know.ReplyCancel

  • Kate - OMG the picture of Kelly in front of the giant window in black and white is uh-freaking-mazing!! I love the pic of her with the umbrellas around her, too. The're all great though! Wonderful work!ReplyCancel

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